Meaning of SPAWN in English


I. verb




For two days nothing happened, but on the third morning I checked the tank and found that the fish had spawned .

While the fish are spawning the females can be pushed into shallow water or even out of the pond.

High protein foods are also needed in conditioning for spawning , especially for hen fish , and after spawning to restore condition.

It makes a good spawning medium, my fish spawned this spring and none of them lost a single scale.

This is a difficult fish to spawn in the aquarium, and when it spawned successfully, few eggs may be produced.

Brood size Neon Tetras are an easy fish to spawn , but it is not an easy feat to raise large broods.

The fish will spawn among the fine-leaved plants.

After the fish have spawned , remove the adults to prevent them from turning cannibal and eating the eggs.


Markowitz's two-parameter model spawned an academic industry engaged in exploring the ramifications of the investor behaviour implied in the original formulation.

That in turn has spawned a growing industry in the trafficking of women.


The Arab-Israeli War of 1973 spawned the 1973 oil crisis.


I have a cynical notion that all religious revivals spawn from times of extreme economic disparity.

It also involved the fate of the greatest spawning run of salmon in the world.

The Mac creators are emblematic of a new kind of artist spawned by the protean nature of the computer.

The shortages naturally spawned corruption as officials, themselves impoverished, exchanged favors for bribes.

There is no mechanism whereby clouds of particular shapes can spawn daughter clouds resembling themselves.

Through the information technologies they have spawned, computers step up the pace of the ticking.

When the Discus spawn the eggs will hatch in 60 hours.

II. noun


An older pair tending their spawn .

Daemon spawn won't be able to home in and manifest themselves.

It appears from monitoring equipment on individual trout that about 75 percent of these fish are from natural spawn .

She then releases the spawn , trailing it in and amongst the stems and foliage of submerged plant life.

Triumph followed triumph for the spawn of Naggaroth.

We're all children of the Serpent, the spawn of the Form Manipulator.

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