Meaning of SPECTRAL in English





Balmer had been thinking about the spectral lines from hydrogen.

Spectroscopic measurements in 1960 indicated that small-scale motion of the plasma was producing the doppler broadening of the spectral lines .

Hot ionised gases, and the impurities they contain, also produce spectral lines that are characteristic of the plasma temperature.


The spectral types were given letters of the alphabet, as follows: O: very hot stars, greenish-white or bluish-white.

U, of spectral type M, appears to be irregular, with a range of from 5.6 to 7.5.

Beta is a fine orange star of spectral type M, beautiful in binoculars; it has been suspected of slight variability.


Ahead the red light glowed evilly and the spectral figures moved into its aura to become cardboard silhouettes.

An elaborate system of spectral classes has been established by a persistent cadre of asteroid observers.

Intelligences without bodies and beings without form are spectral ghosts guaranteed to mislead.

It should also be remembered that the spectral reflectance curve of living vegetation will change continuously throughout the growing season.

The holiday has to do with other worldliness, spectral phenomena, lonesome caped creatures rising across the moon.

The use of many plots and their spectral interpretation is to be commended.

These are all simulated spectral and concentration data.

They are members of the V spectral class.

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