Meaning of STAPLE in English


I. noun


a staple crop (= an important one that forms a big part of people's diet )

staple crops such as rice and wheat

sb’s staple diet (= the food that a group of people or type of animal normally eats )

For hundreds of years potatoes were their staple diet.

staple gun




Attacks on the immorality and decadence of aristocratic culture were the staple diet of purity tracts and speeches.

The staple diet for most of the coral fishes should be a good dry food.

It is hard and lacks nutrients and yet is the panda's staple diet .

Worms are a staple diet and these have been in short supply due to the summer drought.

They could catch and eat more of their staple diet - worms and insects - surviving in accordance with the laws of natural selection.

In living-rooms throughout the country, violence, gratuitous and graphic, is often the staple diet of the video generation.

Reindeer moss, the staple diet of the deer herds, was also said to have disappeared completely.


Retail prices of staple foods and consumer goods remained unchanged.

The staple food of mankind in the Middle Ages was bread, and his staple drink ale or water.

They may also be following the migration of their staple food , anchovies.

The fortification of staple foods with folic acid to prevent neural tube defects may be unwisely delayed on this account.

A recently-introduced ban on the fishing of sand eels, the birds' staple food , has been credited with the success.



It rapidly became a staple , and has remained the major crop throughout the modern period.

The Food Lion suit has been closely watched because hidden-camera reports have become a popular staple of network newsmagazine shows.

It was what we know as recitative and it became the staple of opera in musica.

So what should have become a staple of the science diet has turned into the Christmas turkey of the curriculum.


Ice skating has long been a staple of ABC's sports programming.

Tortillas are a staple of Mexican cooking.


Alternative medicine is now a staple of continuing education at Harvard University Medical School.

It is a staple of the multilateral trading system, and is extended by the United States to all but a handful.

Rape is a staple in pagan myth, and killing still more commonplace.

The length of the cable then rests on the staples and can always be lifted off for painting and cleaning.

There are some assured visual touches, a staple of any Czech film.

II. verb


As a schoolboy prank he leaned forward to staple the boy in front's jacket to his chair.

Finally, staple them together and flip through them to see them move.

Industry magazines have thinned down so much with the collapse of internet advertising that they can now be stapled rather than bound.

Select the ones that have held bottles, because they will be stapled at the bottom and are much stronger.

There was a credit-card slip stapled to the receipt and I tucked both in my pocket for later inspection.

We had to staple a polythene vapour barrier to the rafters of a pitched roof.

III. adjective


In Brazil, the black bean is a staple crop.

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