Meaning of STRATA in English





Thus, different strata in such societies may spend their money on rather different things.

The deep divisions of intellectual work in the university kept all of us moving along different strata .

Similarly, increased odds ratios were found for different age strata .

On the other, different strata among the middle classes found much to object to in the statusquo.


Armies so non-national and drawn so largely from the lowest strata of the social pyramid were prone to lose men by desertion.

Firstly, members of the lower strata may become totally demoralized.

In a meritocracy, talent and ability are efficiently syphoned out of the lower strata .

They may despise the lower strata whose members may well find such behaviour offensive.

His administration knows that, and is doing what it can to keep the support of the lower strata .


Other breeds of goats may well be different but my Goldens are very kind to each other and have a strong social strata .

From her research, Eva Rosenfeld had identified two distinct social strata which are clearly recognized by members.

They will share a similar life style which to some degree will distinguish them from members of other social strata .

This belief gained wide currency among Sinhalese of all social strata in the twentieth century.

It is possible for social inequality to exist without social strata .

They focus on social strata rather than social inequality in general.


But just below the layer of gently folded limestones that contains the earliest of the invertebrate fossils, the strata change radically.

If the differences between strata are maximised and the variations within them minimised, the benefits from stratification can be considerable.

Similarly, increased odds ratios were found for different age strata .

The strata at Olduvai make an intriguing window into the past.

The strata identified in the class approach are called classes, the second key concept.

The class approach Does the same fundamental value separate virtually all people in a society into a few distinct strata ?

The working-class occupations may be divided into skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled strata , and life-chances broadly differ according to the skill level.

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