Meaning of SURGICAL in English




a surgical scar (= caused by a medical operation )

He had a large surgical scar on his back.

surgical gloves (= special gloves worn by doctors )

Surgical gloves help prevent the spread of germs.

surgical spirit

surgical strike

surgical techniques

Surgical techniques have improved considerably in the last twenty years.




But I fear that if this pill is licensed, access to surgical abortion may be reduced.

By contrast, surgical abortion is most effective and most often done later in pregnancy.


Allied businesses such as specialist surgical gloves also offer strong growth potential worldwide.

All the most basic supplies-disinfectants, syringes, surgical gloves-are lacking.

They came into the hallway before opening it and taking out rubber surgical gloves .


From its size, the knife must have had a very specific use and may even have been a surgical instrument .

We found medical equipment, surgical instruments , weap-ons, clothing, documents.

Displays of early surgical instruments give a chilling glimpse of the pain the sick must have endured before anaesthetic was invented.

Then she was hired to work at the hospital, sterilizing surgical instruments and assisting elderly patients.

The position of the surgical instrument in the real skull is determined by the sensors in the mechanical arm.

The surgeon uses the tiny camera to guide the surgical instruments in freeing the kidney.


They base their recommendations on an analysis of 19 randomised controlled trials that examined the effectiveness of surgical interventions for glue ear.

In the epinephrine group, the only case who failed to achieve initial haemostasis received surgical intervention .

Other crucial questions - for example, does surgical intervention prevent problems at school and of language - are still unanswered.

For those, we tried heater probe thermocoagulation or surgical intervention .

Persistent colonic dilatation may constitute an indication for surgical intervention .

In patients with severe haemorrhage and low surgical risk, surgical intervention was carried out immediately.

Crohn's disease causes chronic gastrointestinal symptoms which may require prolonged medication and surgical intervention .


If it isn't a surgical operation will be needed.

A patient who signs a consent form for a surgical operation can not later sue the surgeon for battery.

Sometimes it is a surgical operation , sometimes not.

It had come out of the blue: a brief note from her, saying that she had to undergo a surgical operation .

You are advised to consult other texts for full details of these and other surgical operations .

This month scientific advisers will consider whether extra controls are needed to protect food and prevent accidental transmission through surgical operations .


Most surgical patients , regardless of the extent of their operation, are at risk of some degree of problem with breathing.

Discharge Many surgical patients will have anxieties about leaving hospital.

The following summary of nursing responsibilities for the care of surgical patients may appear complex at first glance and impossible to remember.

Problems of fluid balance can occur rapidly in surgical patients .

Wound tissue oxygen tension predicts the risk of wound infection in surgical patients .

Shock occurs to varying degrees in all surgical patients , due to alterations in the normal control mechanisms of the body.


But within 10 minutes Dalton had restored parity with surgical precision from 15 yards.

It was an operation executed with little surgical precision .

We were going to be inserted into it - with what they call surgical precision .


Areas where this need can arise usually occur when a surgical procedure or accident has resulted in loss of bone.

Although not completely pain free, they often prefer this management to any type of surgical procedure .

Indications for surgery are not clearly defined and there is no agreement on the ideal surgical procedure .

Lengths of stay are being cut dramatically for just about every serious medical illness and surgical procedure .

Particular care needs to be taken over: i. accidents or surgical procedures where anaesthetics and appropriate pain relief must be given.

So far, research has centered on two highly experimental surgical procedures .

These patients, apart from fearing the surgical procedure and the effects of malignant disease, often have severe psychological problems after surgery.

They can not read the waivers that they sign preceding surgical procedures .


Sebaceous cysts there'd been, requiring surgical removal , and ulcerated varicose veins.

And many women who have had surgical removal of the ovaries find that the difference in desire can be quite sudden.


Histology of the surgical specimen showed no cancer.

Epithelial and lamina propria mononuclear cells were isolated from surgical specimens from control, Crohn's disease, and ulcerative colitis patients.

Tumours of this size are not identified clinically except incidentally in surgical specimens removed because of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Surgical specimens Two surgical specimens were examined.

The surgical specimen , however, proved to be benign.


You will need surgical spirit or white spirit for cleaning the needles.

Nest time use surgical spirit weeks in advance to toughen your feet.

I have pricked my first blister, squeezed out the fluid, and dabbed it with surgical spirit .


This wasn't a surgical strike , this was a massacre.


An independent investigator outside the surgical team was not used.

The true incidence of this varies and is greatly influenced by the experience and skill of the surgical team .

An immediate surgical consultation was sought and the patient was managed jointly with the surgical team .

Surgeons and their surgical teams , dressed in watertight garb, also found the low temperatures more comfortable.

The operation was performed by a surgical team led by Mr Alan Wood.


Most of these studies, however, comprised patient populations treated by varying surgical techniques , in the period before our study.

Current surgical techniques also involve reducing the cornea curvature in a bid to correct short-sightedness.

New surgical techniques mean a hospital stay of less than 48 hours.


The most extreme example of this was in the surgical treatment sometimes meted out to women.

Controversy exists over the influence of medical or surgical treatment of gastro-oesophageal reflux on Barrett's oesophagus.

Before the availability of endoscopic bile duct intervention surgical treatment was the usual approach to management.

A change in management was recorded if manometry changed either medical or surgical treatment .

Restorative proctocolectomy is the procedure of choice for most patients who require surgical treatment for ulcerative colitis.

Urgent surgical treatment by direct suture ligation is the treatment of choice, but the prognosis for most patients is extremely poor.

The authors draw attention to what seems to be a large regional variation between rates of surgical treatment for glue ear.


The pace of work on the surgical ward may appear to be extremely rapid.

You may come across central venous pressure lines on a general surgical ward .

Certain situations may be particularly worrying for nurses new to the surgical ward .

This summary is intended to be an Overview of the care a patient may receive whilst on a general surgical ward .

A high proportion of nursing actions on a surgical ward are directed towards the prevention of problems.

Setting - Four surgical wards at two Sheffield hospitals.

You may however see a chest drain on a general surgical ward .

There seems to be no place for a dying person on the surgical wards .


surgical instruments

a surgical procedure

The attack was carried out with surgical precision.


The course is aimed at trainees from all surgical specialties.

There he was handed a smock and a scalpel and one of the new surgical stapling devices.

These drugs are much more potent and are practically surgical in their effects.

Workers in surgical masks are running a hydraulic compressor and tractor-trailer drivers are warming up their big rigs.

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