Meaning of SYSTEMATIC in English




a scientific/systematic approach

a scientific approach to the study of language

a systematic search (= one done in an organized way )

They set about a systematic search of the ship.




Although these questions are of vital importance, little systematic information on these issues is available.

But there has been little systematic investigation of how different approaches affect the process of analysis and theoretical development.


Other writers see it in a much more systematic unilineal sequence.

The typical 5-to 6-year-old is usually a little more systematic .

More headteachers were raising expectations and supporting their staff; more were monitoring teaching in a more systematic way.

At the concrete operational level, efforts are more systematic but not fully so.

A number of Amerindian languages encode reference to home-base in a more systematic way.

There is a more systematic and scientifically acceptable method for establishing the nature of a political culture-the use of survey research.

It can be used to provide a more systematic evaluation of linearity.

Complex circumstances demand a more systematic approach.


The most systematic theological reflection on these problems was offered in this period by Ernst Troeltsch.

These constitute the most systematic national approaches to social service personnel training that we were able to find.



The third Marxist strategy, the development of a systematic account of within-class conflicts, is more revisionist.

Instead they present a systematic account of just where Freudian theory fails.

The fact that it aims to provide a systematic account of time use is what distinguishes it from the literary diary.

In his systematic accounts of each species, Snow is careful to stress the main areas where knowledge is lacking.

It is a serious systematic account written for the general reader, professional without being technical.

I have not attempted to give an exhaustive or systematic account of the variety of government functions.


Essentially semiology proposed the systematic analysis of cultural behaviour.

This process should be wherever possible part of a systematic analysis of diagnostic system requirements.

They can only achieve this through a systematic analysis of their responsibilities towards the curriculum as a whole.

It will provide a systematic analysis of the issues involved in three ways.

But no serious systematic analysis has ever been made of the recruits, or of their careers as policemen.

The effectiveness of medical interventions is best evaluated by a systematic analysis of randomised controlled trials.

This functionalist, teleological aim is inappropriate for the systematic analysis borrowed from structural linguistics.


The object of job evaluation is to provide a systematic approach to defining the relative worth of different jobs.

A systematic approach is important for proper diagnosis and treatment.

For example, the amount and quality of teaching vary greatly and lack any systematic approach .

Therefore, one must adopt a systematic approach to acid-base diagnosis, as emphasized earlier in this chapter.

Eventually I decided that what was needed was a little organisation - a systematic approach to make my busy life a little less fraught.

Complex circumstances demand a more systematic approach .

Winter embarked upon a more systematic approach to the manpower function.

This type of program could provide a systematic approach to the game environment suggested in the other sections.


An effective and systematic attempt at forecasting may reduce some of this uncertainty, and render the future more manageable.

However there has still been no systematic attempt to relate female deviancy to women's situation.

At least until the early 1970s, however, the government made no systematic attempt to shape the pattern of industry.

In another trial a systematic attempt was made to investigate the effect of proximity between subjects.


In short, you will he required to apply the principles of thinking on a regular and systematic basis .

Social services departments have a particular concern to research into needs on a more systematic basis .

We stress that the list serves a heuristic purpose: it enables us to collect data on a fairly systematic basis .

It needs to think ahead on a systematic basis .


To do this you can read texts, making systematic changes of person, tense, and vocabulary items.

Once the antecedents to their overdrinking are established, clients can begin to make systematic changes in these situational factors.

Our study indicates that there is no systematic change in colonic function after cholecystectomy.

Both antecedents and consequences should be open to systematic change .

Taken over time, this series of systematic changes in the interconnected network of market decisions constitutes the market process.


He dutifully ceased to send presents, and instead began a systematic investigation of her circumstances.

But there has been little systematic investigation of how different approaches affect the process of analysis and theoretical development.

Again, this is an hypothesis which would repay systematic investigation in respect of historical examples with contrasting forms of division of labour.


However, to date no systematic method has been devised of assessing social class in this way.


This is best obtained by systematic observation of his or her teaching of normal lessons not involving a microcomputer.

However, no systematic observations have been made of maternal behavior and anxiety or of later infant development in these cases.

But this is almost certainly the result of systematic observation in Chichester Harbour.

This belief led the priests to make careful and systematic observations of the heavenly bodies.

It is therefore essential that you are able to note these by systematic observation .


I get the impression that it's some sort of systematic research , maybe a response to a leak.

This phenomenon has been confirmed by systematic research .

In spite of the organisational and managerial implications of such changes, no systematic research has been undertaken.

At best, therefore, Freud's views must be regarded as suggestions that need to be followed up by systematic research .

However, there is a dearth of systematic research into the changes effected.

There is clearly a need for a systematic research project aimed at estimating the value of sports tourism.

Until recently however very little systematic research has been undertaken in this country.

One consequence of this is that no systematic research programme has resulted from this approach.


Health outcomes associated with antihypertensive therapies used as first line therapies: a systematic review and a meta-analysis.

Summaries in list form appear at the ends of chapters to serve as systematic reviews of major conclusions.

A guide to interpreting discordant systematic reviews .

Like Allen, I would urge you to provide a systematic review of the empirical data supporting your proposal.

A systematic review of controlled trials.

Recommended changes had to be substantiated by explicit statements of rationale, supported by the systematic review of relevant empirical data.

Several queries addressed the distinction between the meta-analysis and systematic review .

Reporting, updating, and correcting systematic reviews of the effects of health care.


Therefore, total and systematic risk should not be too different in a well-diversified portfolio.

Promote the benefits of systematic risk management and safe behaviour amongst your members.


In 1987 David Jewitt instituted a systematic search of the outer Solar System for faint, slow-moving objects.

This will involve a systematic search through library catalogues, and has several purposes.


The next chapter reports a more systematic study of these effects.

The first systematic study of intergroup competition was made about twenty years ago by Sherif and colleagues in the United States.

There has been no systematic study , however, to discover if this assumption is correct.

The systematic study of this dependence has recently been made feasible by the development of the theory of sequential games.

I didn't make a systematic study but I occasionally followed up clues if I came across references in books and catalogues.

The first systematic studies of political parties belong to the end of the nineteenth century.


The shallow drilling programme is central to the systematic survey of the continental shelf.


Again the same point emerges: high social standing and systematic training did not mix.

But everywhere it was still a factor inhibiting the growth of systematic training and the professionalism it symbolised.

Part of this has to do with the lack of systematic training to which we have already referred.

There is, however, no systematic training for volunteers who become concerned over issues like the rainforest, the debt problem.

The overall picture, however, is of a lack of systematic training in church music for ordinands.

So far as systematic training of diplomats was concerned, therefore, the eighteenth century saw projects and suggestions, but little lasting achievement.

Conversion I have already mentioned the need for systematic training of bilingual service providers.

Direct budgeted allocation of resources will aid, encourage and allow planned systematic training .


Scholars such as Daniel Wilson and John Lubbock made systematic use of such an ethnographic approach.

The point of the interview is to make full and systematic use of this to gather data for research purposes.

But the systematic use of the threat is comparatively recent.


Stan, a computer systems analyst, approaches pie in a thoughtful, systematic way .

But it is all of them working together in a systematic way that produces the dramatic results companies really want.

There is also the problem that the researcher's observations can be subjective and are difficult to record in a systematic way .

The first step is to establish that linkage between nutrition factors and health status in a systematic way .

More headteachers were raising expectations and supporting their staff; more were monitoring teaching in a more systematic way .

To see how this works we first need a systematic way of numbering Turing machines.

A number of Amerindian languages encode reference to home-base in a more systematic way .

The educational problems we began with can be interpreted in a more realistic and systematic way .


A systematic approach is needed for proper diagnosis.

Analysis of the data should have been more systematic .

Ex-prisoners talked of systematic cruelty within the jail.

the systematic destruction of the country's education system


Again the same point emerges: high social standing and systematic training did not mix.

And so began the systematic stripping away of what little autonomy Mama had left.

Educational technology is therefore offered as almost a synonym for systematic thinking in education.

Jeffries' subject was the systematic effort by the white power structure to keep black people down.

The pragmatist's solution to many of the problems of philosophy is simply that of not providing any systematic solution at all.

We do not need to envisage systematic and conspiratorial marketing plans here.

Widespread and systematic crime occurs in normal, everyday situations.

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