Meaning of TAXI in English


I. noun


a taxi/bus/truck etc driver

Car drivers face a new daily charge to enter the capital.

by car/train/bus/taxi etc

They travelled to Chicago by train.

courtesy bus/taxi/car/phone etc

The hotel runs a courtesy bus from the airport.

Most reviewers receive a courtesy copy of the book.

hail a cab/taxi

The hotel doorman will hail a cab for you.

taxi rank




When our taxi driver picks us up, he looks like he has just been told a good joke.

Another of those badly hurt was Mr Alan Ray, a taxi driver .

The taxi driver was a friend of ours so we were able to relax driving to the Airport.

Kee paid the taxi driver , and went in.

Mum and I said goodbye to David the taxi driver and went into the airport.

I know what profession she's in, and no wonder that taxi driver was giving me the big smirk.

The 21-year-old had seized 58-year-old taxi driver Derek round the throat and grabbed his £68 takings.


It usually covers the cost of accommodation, breakfast, a main meal and return taxi fare from airport to hotel.

Shortly after midnight, Josie handed Lucy her taxi fare and told her to scram.

Don't be afraid occasionally to challenge claims for taxi fares and expensive meals.

He still faces four charges of dodging taxi fares of between eleven and 50 pounds.


So now he worked for a taxi firm .

Paradise Cars in Oxford is one of the few taxi firms run by women for women.

Last week the eight taxi firms declared a boycott of Golcar, a Pennine village on Hudderfield's fringe.

Some taxi firms said they did not want blood in their cars.

Detectives want to speak to a man who phoned a taxi firm in Berkeley on that same morning.

He owns a taxi firm in Hartlepool and lives in Wolviston.

Mr. Needham I know of no surreptitious exercise being carried out by my Department in regard to private taxi firms in Belfast.


He scurried over to the taxi rank .

But the taxi rank outside the hotel had been full and idle and the target had been straight into a vehicle.

The men were shot as they waited to pick up fares at a Castle Street taxi rank .

The front line is this taxi rank in the town centre.


The centre is a thirty minute walk or a five minute taxi ride away.

She says did you enjoy your taxi ride ?


Urban transport would be reduced by 40 percent and taxi services would be limited to taking people to hospital or to funerals.

He ran a taxi service for a time and also a souvenir store.

Women-only taxi services are being encouraged under the same Safer Cities programme.

This means that nobody is around to use the local amenities including shops, taxi services , libraries and the like.

Read in studio A taxi service with a difference is being launched which looks certain to become a runaway success with tourists.

Carole telephoned his taxi service three times that week.

It wasn't till the news that night that we realised we had been filmed while doing these taxi service for people.

On being caught out playing taxi service at the bottom of the North Sea?


A network of subsidized cargo barges and water taxis would be introduced on the city's canals to compensate.

Each day, private water taxis will take the group to and from Isola Bisentina, once a retreat of popes.

Narrow wooden piers with sunbathing platforms stretch into the clear sea, host to visiting water taxis and yachts.

Eventually we came to an ancient tree-lined canal with a long-tailed water taxi parked at a dock.



At about 10.45 a.m. on Sunday morning, he called a taxi .

Theresa called a taxi for them.

The only difference is that they are called taxis .

I packed my reliable trainers instead and called for a taxi .

She would leave at once, call a taxi and get back to Paris.

He distinguishes between two different types of order, which he calls taxis and cosmos.


I caught a taxi home with Gina that night.

She stopped a local man in the train station and asked where we might catch a taxi .

On being caught out playing taxi service at the bottom of the North Sea?

He was attacked and robbed while waiting to catch a taxi home from a dance.


I am just a very confused mortal who has to get up and go to work driving a taxi in the morning.

For a few weeks, he drove a taxi while searching for a permanent appointment.

Then he drove the taxi fast down the road.

Suddenly, Kiah drove the taxi off the road.

Ivor Krutch used to drive a taxi in Toronto.

The men found work driving taxis to support an extended family with 15 members crammed into one small first-floor apartment.


To my consternation, I found the taxi was empty.

He found a taxi and came with us, escorting us into the hospital.

I find Rainbow in her taxi , on the prowl.

She went back to her office, put on her coat, and went to find a taxi .

She managed to find a taxi in the cavernous gloom of the station.

He ran out into the wet streets saying he would find a taxi .

They must have found nothing with the taxi companies and rent-a-car.


As she got a taxi three other women tried to get in as well and a row ensued.

I could get a taxi easily enough, or perhaps you'd care to drive me.

She got out of the taxi on Des Voeux and handed the driver a crumpled fistful of Hong Kong dollars.

Then we get back to the taxi , and there you are waving your weaponry, and kidnapping us.

She'd never get a taxi in this weather.

I got a taxi as soon as I stepped out of the back door.

But Aileen couldn't or wouldn't stop crying, and finally Doug suggested that she get a taxi and go home.

She'd have to get a taxi home.


Rachel left the office and ran out on to Des Voeux, hailing a taxi to take her home.

He wanted it all to go smoothly right down to hailing a taxi .

Not to be denied, at least a dozen fans hailed waiting taxis and set off in pursuit.

Converse walked the several blocks to Pasteur Street and hailed a taxi , taking care not to signal with the Offending Gesture.

At the third attempt I gave up and hailed a taxi .

Mark hailed a taxi and they were away.

He hailed a taxi , directed it to First Avenue and Sixty-third Street.

Tony hailed a black taxi sailing past and they leapt into the back.


I take a taxi to Belcourt, the area where Albert Camus grew up.

Bernard and I took a taxi to a hostel.

He bought a couple of newspapers, then took a taxi with his luggage to the Hotel Palma.

They took a taxi to his place, and once inside the cab his hand wandered on to her knee.

Gardette Armour, a 19-year-old waitress, says she has stopped walking home at night and takes a taxi .

On the mad, bad roads of Moscow, there's no point taking a registered taxi .

She and the wife of another detained paramilitary officer took a taxi shortly afterwards.


A taxi journey from the Airport to the University takes approximately 20 minutes.

Angry taxi drivers responded by boycotting a planned workshop on treating customers courteously.

Getting a taxi is a battle.

He went searching for a taxi , his subconscious mind at work.

In the back of the taxi , our two temporary travelling companions sit as far apart as possible.

The taxi driver who approached us outside the terminal was fluent enough to say he had been sent by the tour company.

The tube workers had a whip-round to pay for a taxi to the railway station.

Wally said brightly to the suddenly befuddled taxi driver.

II. verb


An hour later, taxiing across the glimmering surface of the lake, the floatplane approached the jetty.

It was a wonderful feeling to put up an affirmative two fingers as the mechanic helped me taxi in.

Packer and Sheehy were both taxiing around Sydney airport in their respective corporate jets on Tuesday when they accidentally collided.

Slim Gordon started the motors and they were off, taxiing into position.

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