Meaning of TEACHER in English



a college student/teacher/lecturer

a sixth-form college student

a language teacher

a book for language teachers

a piano teacher

a qualified doctor/teacher/accountant etc

After seven years of training, she is now a qualified doctor.

a student teacher/doctor/nurse (= someone who is learning to be a teacher, doctor, or nurse )

Student teachers work alongside qualified teachers to gain classroom experience.

a teacher training college (= where you learn to be a teacher )

form teacher

gifted musician/artist/teacher etc

She was an extremely gifted poet.

head teacher

play the idiot/the teacher etc

Susan felt she had to play the good wife.

speak as a parent/teacher etc

Speaking as a medical man, I'd advise you to take some exercise every day.

substitute teacher

supply teacher

teacher training

Applications for postgraduate teacher training have increased by nearly 50%.

teacher's pet

trainee manager/solicitor/teacher etc

a trainee hairdresser

us women/men/teachers etc

Life is hard for us women.




The head teacher was presented with a set of Encyclopaedia Britannica, worth more than £1,600.

They really were head teachers: educationalists first and last.

This gives it more relevance in the eyes of head teachers .

Whether these are presented as interesting old stories or as moralistic and relevant fables depends on the attitude of the head teacher .

Today, head teacher Bob Mander held a special assembly for the popular pupil.


Meanwhile, across the country, thousands of teachers are denied funding for MEd courses which often generate high quality teacher research.

Jack Spencer was a high school teacher and a coach.

Basil did not preach on such matters; he simply set high standards for teachers to emulate.

He had the ironic, amused manner of a high school teacher , which he also was.

They claim that doctors receive higher rewards than teachers because they are more fully professionalized.

I remember speaking with a group of junior high and high school teachers .

South Florida owes him the respect one gives to a stern high school teacher .

Mr Horton, my high school physics teacher , has told me much the same thing.


Teacher's shot dead A PRIMARY school teacher was shot dead in front of a class by her estranged husband yesterday.

In the primary grades, teachers put emphasis on language and reading skills.

One is a primary teacher who was interested in the mental processes of children tackling simple addition.

In this way, students can develop a semi-specialism, as well as the more general skills of the primary teacher .

One day, the primary teacher guiding children through their instructional computer program may be able to prevent reading failure altogether.

A similar tendency was observed in in-service B.Eds, which were almost entirely for Primary teachers .


They liaise with secondary school careers teachers , and also with the employers in an area.

Technically, they were simply secondary school teachers .

Inspectors said that secondary teachers were failing to build on the success of primary science and were not challenging their younger pupils.

The great majority of these Volunteers were secondary school teachers .

In the Elton Report survey, only 9 percent of secondary school teachers had ever requested the suspension of a pupil.

In terms of feedback from the report, primary teachers seem to have had most and secondary teachers least.



As a final resort, ask your class teachers whether they have a spare copy to lend you.

The opportunity class teachers I knew either had some extra training and/or some special quality or flair.

These tutorials involve the class teacher with whom the student worked in the previous two terms, as well as the course tutor.

Moreover, there is no doubt that in large classes this practice can ease the burden on the class teacher .

Shortages mean supply teachers are acting as permanent class teachers, leaving schools with no reserves to cover for sickness.

Some class teachers are reluctant to become involved with this subject.

Spoke to class teacher in corridor about work I proposed to do with one of his children.

Five activities will be delivered, mostly by the class teacher , then.


Classification and use indicators for the materials are provided by subject categories designed for special education teachers at the University of Kentucky.

Haycocks I, on training of full-time education teachers was the most important report prepared by the Committee.

Every special education teacher is worked with at least once a month, and other teachers are seen at their request.

An excellent resource for students of applied sports science, Physical Education teachers , fitness advisers, coaches and athletes.

She went on dialysis and discovered her life as a high school physical education teacher and athlete would be severely restricted.

He tried drawing in his stomach and straightening his shoulders, as instructed by the physical education teacher .

They have all the special education teachers that come in.


Another teacher who moved me was an assistant principal named Cho, who doubled as a history teacher.

My history teacher , who was a liberal, joked about such attitudes and I followed her cue.

I had a history teacher in college who was tough and sharp.

Unusually, he is not an investment analyst, but a former history teacher .

As a matter of fact, her plan was to become a high-school history teacher .

Hillis writes an excellent analysis of the many concerns which have exercised history teachers over the last 20 years.

Bill supported the family as a high-school history teacher .


We noted earlier that, as well as a shortage of science teachers in schools, there is a shortage of modern language teachers.

The roles of applied linguist and language teacher are different; they work to different professional briefs.

What we need to decide as language teachers is the degree to which other components of communication need teaching.

For example, the Video Arts materials for management skills and other training are popular with language teachers .

Such is the current shortage of foreign language teachers .

They are more often than not monolingual and monocultural and, as language teachers , in a position of power.

It is interesting to note that we often refer to the training rather than education of language teachers .

Working abroad is particularly appropriate for language teachers .


Jack Spencer was a high school teacher and a coach.

I remember speaking with a group of junior high and high school teachers .

Once upon a time school teachers who climbed might take a favoured few pupils to the crags in the Lagonda or Alvis.

She loved her work as a nursery school teacher and the little ones in her care.

Afterwards my letter from the headmaster read: ` Your nursery school teacher sketch was hilarious.

Among them was the high school teacher who was renting us a room.


It was particularly strong where the different science teachers worked together as a team to deliver S1-S4 courses.

Thanks to my science teacher , Mr Broden, our class always was laughing.

We noted earlier that, as well as a shortage of science teachers in schools, there is a shortage of modern language teachers.

Or a math or science teacher who made inappropriate comments throughout the year.

It seems some schools will start next year with fewer science teachers than they really need.

Perhaps science teachers should not attempt to cover their subjects so comprehensively.

I watched almost 600 of their lessons and conducted more than 200 interviews with them, their parents and science teachers .

Is it worth it? Science teacher Andy Johnson thinks so as it has unleashed more creativity.


Even student teachers , who might reasonably be expected to be the least jaundiced and most optimistic informants, aren't happy.

Are there special liability standards for substitute teachers and student teachers?

We used to have student teachers in from what was then called Borough Road Training College.

This doctrine is illustrated by a New York case where a student teacher was injured while participating in a donkey basketball game.

For example, a parallel rise in the number of children entering schools will result in an increased need for student teachers .

Teachers and student teachers from six North County schools are taking part.

The other letter is from Melanie, a 19-year-old student teacher in the village of Umvuma.

I left school in 1941, and went for a year as a student teacher in my father's school.


This had implications for teacher training , which the Kingman Report spells out in detail.

I have talked so far about teacher training and education without distinguishing between pre-service and in-service programmes.

Both interventions involved minimal, project oriented teacher training and were circumscribed, involving three to five hours' delivery time overall.

Quite a few have gone on to postgraduate teacher training to teach in the secondary sector.

This is despite considerable efforts to create innovative ways of developing teacher training in the post-independence period.

We will undertake reform of the teacher training system to make it more effective in developing classroom skills.

Access to teacher training , and training in technology, nursing, and other areas is provided through one-year courses.

What then does teacher education involve and how does it differ as a concept from teacher training ?



The video tape library at the Metro East Center helps teachers to see and to do.

To help you understand college teachers better. 3.

Counselors and psychotherapists can help teachers and parents develop the skills necessary to assist work-inhibited students.

The greater part of the grant has in the past been to help finance our teacher training.

The class worked much like a study hall, but with just a few students helped by one teacher .

Throughout the year, the education officer will deal with any student problems which arise and help to find teachers for colleges.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University have helped teachers at the school incorporate other elements of successful schools.


Three day courses are provided yearly for teachers with disabled children in their classes.

Some state laws specifically provide that tenured teachers can be dismissed for economic reasons.

Community organisations can also provide Work Experience and teacher secondment placements, as well as support for curriculum development.

What notice must be provided to a tenured teacher prior to dismissal?

The research findings will provide practical assistance for teachers in the running of schools.

What kind of hearing must be provided before a tenured teacher can be dismissed?

Establishing that networking systems, relying on advanced computer technology, can provide individual service to teachers and special learners. 2.


The University of Manchester is embarking upon an initial course which will qualify bilingual teachers for the primary phase.

Enroll in a one-week intensive course in scientific remote viewing taught by a qualified teacher .

The grounds were that he had used up his grant entitlement in qualifying to be a teacher .

Television broadcasting, it turned out, was no substitute for qualified teachers .

Luring qualified teachers is also more difficult now than in the past.

Since qualifying as a Medau teachers in 1968 she has taught regular classes for adults, children and the mentally handicapped.


Those of you who are teaching and training teachers for school, I would invite to rebellion.

School officials treated his response as a refusal to teach and hired another teacher to replace him.

Some were dreadful, so he developed tricks for playing them not taught by conventional teachers .

Also typical of Black Mountain was the assumption that students had things to teach their teachers .

Often, these strategies were invented by the pupils rather than taught by the teacher .

Enroll in a one-week intensive course in scientific remote viewing taught by a qualified teacher .


He realised dimly that if he had volunteered to go on training all night his teachers would not have objected.

With a $ 4 million federal grant, Sweetwater is beginning to train 900 teachers in the use of computers.

I lived in a village prior to training as a teacher .

The future of our primary schools is rooted in the institutions which train our teachers .

The fact that many of them have not been trained as teachers is another important limiting factor.

Teacher training colleges which are to train teachers in these subjects will also require funds for equipment.

Although assigned as teachers , only a minority of them had been professionally trained as teachers.


a practising doctor/lawyer/teacher etc

Morwenna Wood a practising doctor is being treated in Oxford's JOhn radcliffe hospital.

acting manager/head teacher/director etc

artist/actor/teacher etc manqué

In between travel trips Wilcock ran into a woman at a party who lived with an artist manqué , Walter Bowart.

be wearing your teacher's/salesman's etc hat

born leader/musician/teacher etc

Because Karajan was a born teacher, he was always interested in young musicians.

career soldier/teacher etc

A career soldier, he had died leading his men into battle at Spion Kop during the Boer War.

A Kurator is similar to a specialist careers teacher with additional contributions to make after school.

For career soldiers like Jack it was a depressing time.

They liaise with secondary school careers teachers, and also with the employers in an area.

infant school/teacher/class etc

Ah, but here was a job: the infant teacher was called away for half an hour.

An infant school built in 1840 served both Seaton and Sigglesthorne.

At this time Syeduz was nearly six and in his second term in the infant school.

Children attended infant school until they were seven.

Read in studio An infant school has reopened after being severely damaged by arsonists.

The limit for first-year infants classes will be 27 and for classes of children of mixed ages, 24.

This infant school was sometimes part of a junior school which catered for seven to eleven year olds.

nursery education/unit/teacher etc

A nursery unit was built in 1977 and has two teachers.

Are these the partnership circumstances in which we want children to receive nursery education?

First, a nursery education for all three and four year olds whose parents wish by the year 2000.

He is always pleased to see his nursery teacher but is terrified that she will think he is a naughty boy.

In one instance a nursery teacher felt that she should praise a little boy every time he spoke to her.

Is he further aware that a problem exists in finding suitable financial resources for nursery education?

Keith Mitchell, director of education, has recommended consideration be given to the new nursery units at the meeting.

Must they wait until they are four, and then go into part-time nursery education?

remedial course/class/teacher etc

About one quarter of entering college students now take at least one remedial course.

Middle-class children thus tend to fill the honors and advanced-placement classes while poor children take the general and remedial classes.

Most of these students take remedial classes in all three fields.

People were appointed to co-ordinate the work of remedial teachers in schools.

Some run efficient remedial courses, which could surely be used for youngsters who had taken a broader sixth-form course.

The Association has branches throughout the country that provide information and hold remedial classes.

Their placement in a remedial course confirmed their suspicions.

These students traverse course after remedial course, becoming increasingly turned off to writing, increasingly convinced that they are hopelessly inadequate.


a conference for teachers of English

I remember having some pretty awful teachers when I was at school.

Mrs. Sherwood was my first-grade teacher .

She's a teacher in the high school.

The school doesn't have enough French teachers.


But my teacher writes the stuff on the blackboard so quickly and then erases it before I can copy it all.

Edward Cody, a World Civilization teacher , kept a map of the world with pins marking his students' birthplaces.

Figure 7.2 shows that as the age of the pupil increases, so the proportion of women teachers decreases.

It is a false hierarchy to pose teachers as more important than other staff.

Satisfied with what be heard, he asked the teacher to be an intermediary between himself and the Kangs.

Some governing bodies have been sensitive to this danger and have established committees and structures involving teachers other than the teacher-governors.

The teacher's aid can give valuable assistance in producing specialised materials under guidance of the teacher or adviser.

This year, the district hired 523 certified teachers.

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