Meaning of TECHNICALLY in English



economically/technically/politically etc feasible

It was no longer financially feasible to keep the community centre open.

scientifically/technically sound

Are these studies scientifically sound?

technically illegal (= according to the exact details of a law )

This type of boxing, although technically illegal, remained popular until the 1880s.

technically perfect

The system was technically perfect.

technically possible (= possible with the technology available )

Amendments to software may be technically possible, but are inadvisable.

technically superior

Our job is to convince consumers that our product is technically superior to its competitors.




Most polyester duvets contain the most technically advanced non-allergenic filling which have the advantage of being machine washable.

In this respect the Empire is the most technically advanced human nation of the Warhammer World.

The more technically advanced agriculture becomes, the smaller is its dependency on natural endowments.

Isn't it time this sort of facility was universal - at least in the technically advanced world?


At the level of the individual director, being functionally skilled and technically competent no longer makes a difference.

It is both professionally and technically competent .


There is nothing technically difficult about this; if the computer can look one play ahead it can look 20.

Berni came into this world on May 12 at 9: 07 a. m. It was a technically difficult delivery.

Finding things to make out of unwanted household rubbish will always be technically difficult .

The companies have one other option, apart from making copying technically difficult - take the pirates to court.

Laser treatment can be technically difficult , particularly in patients in whom the endoscope will not pass the stricture.

It is these odours which give rise to problems, being technically difficult to control at such low levels.


The members thought that it was technically feasible and, under the right conditions, could benefit the region.

FLEXthe name of both the machine and its language-was not technically feasible at the time.

There was no question that a tunnel was technically feasible , but 1 wanted to know what the economics would be.

Mow small systems are technically feasible and schemes exist which involve the hotelier in no capital cost at all.

The existence of such systems is less important than the fact that they are technically feasible and get reported as such.

Thus, it is technically feasible , but we must define the risks and potential complications.

Nevertheless, 3 major groups of applications were identified as being technically feasible either immediately or in the short-to-medium term.


Prize-fighting remained popular, though technically illegal , until the 1880s.

While the confederation is technically illegal , it has been allowed to function openly.


One expert achieved unwanted fame by stating, categorically, that it was no longer technically possible to build modern aircraft out of wood.

Although it is already technically possible for network administrators to monitor Internet traffic, such tracking has been difficult to do.

Subsequent additions and amendments to software may be technically possible , but inadvisable because of subsequent upgrade issues.

Tropic Marin Tropic Marin's philosophy is to replicate sea water as closely as is technically possible .

By 1914 it was technically possible for a Danzig bargee to visit Bordeaux and the Black Sea with roughly equal facility.


It also required the state to have a technically superior form of organization.



Bequests of real estate are technically known as devises, bequests of personalty as legacies.

This is technically known as a counterforce targeting strategy.


Manchester s council-tax payers still remain technically liable for any losses.

Euthanasia technically remained a criminal offence subject to a minimum prison sentence of 12 years under Article 293 of the penal code.


At least I was still a virgin, technically speaking .

He was in over his head, technically speaking .

Moreover, technically speaking , this would be the perfect moment to amalgamate the three major currencies into one.

These are minimalist works, technically speaking .

Getting it right - technically speaking Our brief?


Technically , you are responsible if someone gets injured on your property.

Bob is technically the best golfer on the team.


At the level of the individual director, being functionally skilled and technically competent no longer makes a difference.

But Gates was technically more capable and also had proven himself as the sole leader of his company.

Instructions to the jury must be technically correct.

The new show, in which leading opposition figures have been charged, is technically within the law.

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