Meaning of TEMPORARY in English



a permanent/temporary employee

Some of the temporary employees were later hired as permanent staff.

a permanent/temporary home

Flood victims were offered temporary homes.

a permanent/temporary position

It's a temporary position initially, for six months.

a permanent/temporary post

I have a two-year contract, not a permanent post.

a temporary absence

No one noticed her temporary absence.

a temporary exhibition

Temporary exhibitions are usually held in the basement.

a temporary halt

The game was brought to a temporary halt when the floodlights failed.

a temporary measure (= something done for a limited period of time to deal with a problem )

The tents were used as a temporary measure to replace homes destroyed in the floods.

a temporary setback (= lasting only a short time )

Try not to be discouraged by temporary setbacks.

a temporary/casual worker (= working somewhere for a limited period of time )

Employees were fired and replaced with temporary workers.

different/political/temporary etc in nature

Any government funding would be temporary in nature.

momentary/temporary/occasional etc lapse

Despite the occasional lapse, this was a fine performance by the young saxophonist.

permanent/temporary employment

university graduates entering permanent employment for the first time

permanent/temporary residence

Jeff has permanent residence in Canada, but is still a US citizen.

permanent/temporary staff

Much of the work is done by temporary staff.

temporary blip

A government spokesman described the rise in inflation as a temporary blip .


The job is only temporary, but I’m hoping it will be made permanent.




In this case you will probably join as temporary legal assistant with a view to establishment later.

These items should include the salary group classed as permanent, as temporary , or as services secured on a contract basis.

Rachaela thought of the job as temporary .

Some are as temporary as that memory mansion.

Former managing director Derek Dooley is being invited to return as temporary chairman until new owners take control.

Bush will serve as temporary co-chairman with New Jersey Gov.

The student found that it was not uncommon to regard the young person's stay in residential care as temporary .

If at all, they are allowed in only as temporary visitors.


As a youngster - I was twelve when I came to this country - I imagined it was only temporary .

But their safety was only temporary .

That, however, would be only temporary .

The congressional proslavery compromises had brought only temporary appeasement.

Why is it important that the legal monopoly should be only temporary ?

Usually, this feeling is only temporary and passes in a couple of days.

In the past secret agreements allowed for breathing space, which by virtue of that very secrecy was only temporary .

Seizures are only temporary , with little in the way of problems between them.



Brian, you and Kerrie have been in temporary accommodation since January 1991.

Until then, Ted is staying in temporary accommodation and praying that lightning never strikes 3 times in the same place.

The local authority brought proceedings in the county court for possession of the temporary accommodation .

It is temporary accommodation which puts most permanent local housing to shame.

With the help of the Village Retail Services Association it formed a co-operative to run a village store in temporary accommodation .

It is estimated more than 2,000 people now sleep on London's streets and another 50,000 in various forms of temporary accommodation .

We do not pay the cost of meals at the temporary accommodation . 2.

The building has twice been enlarged and now has temporary accommodation .


I caddied on a temporary basis for Nick in Los Angeles and in Kapalua.

On a temporary basis , yes.

In addition, the Palacio de Velazquez would be made available to the Prado on a temporary basis .

Moses said, referring to its ability to host professional teams on a temporary basis .

This was often done on a temporary basis at first, but usually the fences became permanent hedges or walls.

The only justification for sub-contracting is if you need to hire in some specialist expertise on a temporary basis .

There is a vacant night-porter's job we might be able to fill on a temporary basis .


The tiny athlete believes her rare lapse in Tokyo was just a temporary blip in a career of major championship success.

Again, we must focus on structural, ongoing deficits, rather than temporary blips that naturally accompany recessions.

You will recognise them for no more or less than temporary blips on a radar screen of satisfaction.


This has galleries on two levels, the lower one for the recently discovered paintings, the upper one for temporary exhibitions .

An intensive programme of temporary exhibitions has also been organised by the Centro Reina Sofía for 1992.

Elsewhere, there are puppets, a jumble of toys, a vast doll collection and excellent temporary exhibitions .

The extension would provide space for offices, cloakrooms, a souvenir shop and bookshop, the library and temporary exhibitions .

The adjacent Museum and Art Gallery features many temporary exhibitions .

Will the reorganisation affect the museum's capacity to present temporary exhibitions ?

On the ground floor there is a temporary exhibition gallery with an exciting programme.

There is a programme of temporary exhibitions throughout the year.


Regular evaluation of employee job skills is an important part of the job for those interviewers working in temporary help services companies.

In some cases, the temporary help company will train employees to improve their skills.

The overwhelming majority of new jobs will be with temporary help or personnel supply firms.

Rapid expansion of firms supplying temporary help will be responsible for much of the growth in this occupation.

To people in those days, relief meant temporary help in a hard time, until they could do better.

Some employment interviewers work in temporary help services companies.

These companies send out their own employees to firms that need temporary help .


Soon after Sri Lanka experienced another series of riots and communal disturbances which left thousands of refugees in temporary homes .

They left their first temporary home last fall when the overcrowded camp ran out of fresh water and space.

They find themselves cover in secluded areas, adopting a temporary home which they may use on a number of occasions.

At their new camp just a few miles from Polho, residents live in temporary homes with plastic sheeting for walls.

Stanley is a very strong character who does offer her a temporary home .

The Maritime Province was both the temporary home for working-class compatriots from the homeland and the base for patriots residing abroad.

A foam filter plus a bucket in warm place will make a temporary home for many fish.

The tank became a temporary home for most of John and Jenny's livestock during the creation of the new pond.


In the summer of 1944 Burgess got a temporary job in the press department of the Foreign Office.

Those resources are expected to help build 5, 000 new homes and generate 23, 000 temporary jobs .

Up to 60, 000 temporary jobs are expected to pump an estimated $ 2 billion in wages into the local economy.

Term limitations, imposed to convert longtime incumbents into temporary job holders, have a similar effect.

However, they particularly affect women with their discontinuous employment patterns and temporary jobs .

Some full-time RVers take temporary jobs , following construction booms, even disasters.

It was pointed out that women in West Belfast who are in employment are in low paid, part-time, temporary jobs .

Later he found a temporary job and a room.


Discovering the reason for the temporary loss of libido and keeping the whole problem in perspective will help.

Commercial Union began to cope with the temporary loss of its headquarters building by making the maximum use of available space elsewhere.

He says conventional low-calorie diets cause only a temporary loss of weight.


Thus this approach may be considered both safe and effective as a temporary measure to relieve stone related biliary obstruction.

But more likely they will just be a temporary measure until even better technologies arrive.

Severn Trent has already introduced temporary measures at the site which will help improve the situation.

The government is now operating under a temporary measure , or continuing resolution, that expires at the end of next week.

In either case the patient should be reassured that this is only a temporary measure .

Although a temporary measure , it soon became apparent that rent control could not be abolished with the war's end.

These paints should be considered a temporary measure until the cause of the damp has been found and cured.

This elaborated temporary measures for implementing the planned sale of state-owned enterprises.


Short-term cases are often small children to whom the separation is so alarming that its temporary nature is irrelevant to them.

Roosevelt rode out the storm by stressing the temporary nature of the deal.


Gripped by recession, some banks are now asking for at least temporary relief from these capital standards.

In the morning they would hastily dry them, and get a temporary relief .

This was only a temporary relief , though.

On the other hand one wonders whether the fish obtains temporary relief from the irritation by having a scratch?

Alexander's disappointment was indescribable; he now thought that he would never again be able to have more than temporary relief .

Arnica 200 afforded temporary relief for two hours; a repeat dose helped temporarily.


Police were not interested in her marriage certificate, her permit to leave home or her temporary residence card for Zhuhai.

Management of construction projects overseas usually entails temporary residence in another country.

While Edinburgh itself was growing in importance as a centre of government, the temporary residence was refashioned into a palace.


But it was a temporary setback that made him even more determined to achieve his boyhood dream.


This is only a temporary solution and there have been many attempts to organise more humane working systems.

Caltrans recently agreed to spend $ 17 million on a temporary solution .

Research institutes seem to have found at least a temporary solution to their problems.

However, a phone call from Mrs Meadows seemed to offer a temporary solution to their problem.

A temporary solution is to enlarge the pinhole, empty out the water and tie a plastic bag over the ball.

Orders assigning him to the Simonova's mission were make-work, a temporary solution at best.


Many members, from all Banks, feel that the Banks' temporary staff numbers are not within the agreed limits.

Until then the office will be covered by temporary staff .

Then even Civil Service temporary staff were dismissed.

Many temporary staff at sports centres are to go.

The grant also includes £15 000 for the appointment of two temporary staff to update maps showing legal rights of way.

Add in temporary staff and the self-employed and two workers in five are outside permanent, full-time employment.


A temporary storage depot would have to be established by 1995 and a second would have to be available around 2005.

The shipping companies deal with temporary storage of parts; only what is needed that day appears at the plant.

Windows 95 handles temporary storage differently, but still uses a swap file.


The university gave no reason for the temporary suspension .

The operation continued Friday after a temporary suspension of flight activity.

The London Stock Exchange will not normally grant a temporary suspension for more than 48 hours.

The temporary suspension gives the exchange time to investigate any abnormalities in trading and cuts down market volatility, he said.

And it could also have the power to impose a temporary suspension of currency convertibility.


The law limits jobs that can be filled by workers on temporary visas to no more than 65, 000 a year.


Other team members seek more temporary work .

Make temporary work an interim move.

Private agencies usually cover temporary work only.

To modern ears it is ironic that to job was to do temporary work .

Other useful people may be the secretary of a committee you've served on or some one you've done temporary work for.

Overburdened support personnel rushed from one temporary work assignment to another, their ranks dangerously depleted by a recent company-wide restructuring.

Private agencies deal with temporary work for a maximum six months.

The third proposal is for the introduction of a temporary work safety-net.


Members of this, the larger group of temporary workers , were most likely to be unskilled or semi-skilled.

Cirrus said its workforce of 3, 500 will be cut in all areas, with both full-time and temporary workers affected.

The number of temporary workers , for example, is rising.

Some overtime may be required, and temporary workers may need their own transportation to make employer visits.

Employers were concerned that huge costs would be incurred if the Social Charter's provisions were extended to temporary workers .

Big agricultural businesses, primarily in California, pushed hard for the temporary workers .

Richmond: Business activity slowed, and demand declined for temporary workers .


on a voluntary/part-time/temporary etc basis

After a period of full-time child-care, many women return to paid employment on a part-time basis .

Herrera ordered that this inhuman practice must cease and proposed to put recruiting on a voluntary basis .

However, to date this exciting new technology has only adopted on a voluntary basis .

Social responsibility is thus not merely a matter of the adoption of changed standards on a voluntary basis .

The numbers are growing and the club is doing well, but more help is needed on a voluntary basis .

There had developed since Khrushchev's time policies to involve the populace more in low-level administrative activities on a voluntary basis .

This reduction was largely achieved on a voluntary basis , and our employees showed remarkable resilience and loyalty, despite such difficulties.

This was often done on a temporary basis at first, but usually the fences became permanent hedges or walls.


temporary housing

Temporary shelters were hastily constructed as the refugees started to pour in.

a temporary driver's license

Because of damage to their homes, many people had to stay in temporary accommodation for a few months.

Ben's found a temporary job until November.

Demand for temporary workers continues to rise.

France has agreed to a temporary suspension of military activities.

I'm sure this is only a temporary problem.

I've got a temporary secretarial job, but I'm hoping to find something more permanent.

The doctor says the swelling is just temporary and should go down in a few days.

There are always plenty of temporary workers available during the summer months.

These arrangements are only intended to be temporary until an alternative is found.

They're living in temporary accommodation at the moment.


In the summer of 1944 Burgess got a temporary job in the press department of the Foreign Office.

It is estimated more than 2,000 people now sleep on London's streets and another 50,000 in various forms of temporary accommodation.

It was supposed to be temporary , but we used it for many months.

Police were not interested in her marriage certificate, her permit to leave home or her temporary residence card for Zhuhai.

Pressing the F4 key creates an indented, temporary left margin.

Seizures are only temporary , with little in the way of problems between them.

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