Meaning of TERRITORIAL in English




a territorial dispute (= about which country land belongs to )

The war started as the result of a territorial dispute.

Territorial Army, the

territorial integrity

the territorial integrity of the country

territorial waters




Civil Service had most of the play throughout but were unable to convert their territorial advantage and possession into goals.

The home side enjoyed territorial advantage in the second period but never looked like penetrating a well organised Malone defence.

Although Liverpool held the territorial advantage for long spells, their elaborate patterns were woven to little effect.


Belpan had little crime, no enemies, nothing worth stealing, and no territorial ambitions .

Although Britain had long had trading connections with these areas, hitherto she had had no territorial ambitions there.


They were mostly Londoners who had belonged to the territorial army before the war.

He was especially noted for his hostility to the scheme to form a territorial army .


This system prevailed over a colony whose territorial boundaries were not determined by the pre-colonial boundaries recognised by the indigenous populations.

Those treaties accept the territorial boundaries of member states, yet the countries that sign them blithely ignore their undertakings.


The doctrine rested on the assumption that the country had no natural enemies and advanced no territorial claims on its neighbours.

Both sides seem to be saying that they care more about security and sovereignty than they do about exclusivist territorial claims .

Thus, a certain historical myopia is required to substantiate territorial claims .

They declare that they have no territorial claims against anyone and that they will not make such claims in the future.

Moreover, in 1914 the Empire had no urgent territorial claims and there was no direct threat to her territorial integrity.

Co-operation with the South was obstructed by the Republic's territorial claim to the North.

It seems highly unlikely to result from the subdivision of territorial claims .


This was a formal combat to settle a territorial dispute .

Most income came from the hiring out of paladins as mercenaries in territorial disputes .

Keep just one male in a small tank as territorial disputes will otherwise occur.


During this period of rapid territorial expansion the empire was almost continually at war.

Victor Amadeus Il was therefore following an established maxim of dynastic policy when he resumed territorial expansion into Lombardy after 5690.


After the war Stalin did not wish to give up these territorial gains .

Other territorial gains had been short-lived.


They called for a negotiated settlement restoring the republic's sovereignty and territorial integrity .

Associated with the idea of sovereignty is the doctrine of territorial integrity .

What mattered was not the territorial integrity of the empire, but the just rights of each member of the family.

First, territorial integrity is a fuzzy concept when there is a dispute over boundaries.

The maintenance of territorial integrity has become a joint enterprise.

Disputes over legitimate rulers are a second underlying problem with claims that territorial integrity has been violated.


Continental use Your policy covers you while you are using your car in any country defined in the territorial limits .

Cover includes transit by sea, air, or rail in or between the territorial limits .

In extending the territorial limits of Canterbury's jurisdiction, he also made a notable advance.

The country where the loss occurred is within the territorial limits covered under the policy. 5.


From 1995, the dumping of all forms of industrial waste will be prohibited outside of territorial waters .

The United States wanted the treaty to apply only outside the 12-mile limit of territorial waters , but it was overruled.

After a further two hour chase the Sea Rover was within our territorial waters where she was stopped and arrested by Seeker.

The research ship Solo was seized when it crossed into territorial waters .

Heaven forbid that she should wander into any of his territorial waters .

Governors say they are afraid of a rebuff if they venture too near territorial waters .

New Zealand legislation prohibiting nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed ships from its territorial waters had been first enforced in February 1985.


A committee has been set up to deal with territorial disputes in the area.

The country has suffered substantial territorial losses in this war.


Both Clownfish and Dwarf Angelfish are very territorial .

But this ship was down in Vadinamaina territorial space, directly in my way.

Civil Service had most of the play throughout but were unable to convert their territorial advantage and possession into goals.

Cover includes transit by sea, air, or rail in or between the territorial limits.

Even before the 1923 Grouping some companies were strongly territorial , and several had working arrangements with one another within one geographical area.

It must be something to do with ancient territorial instincts.

What was needed was some one outside and above the territorial nexus, requirements fulfilled only by the young king.

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