Meaning of TESTING in English



nuclear testing

a nuclear testing area

testing ground

Eastern Europe has become a testing ground for high-speed privatization.




The model was finished in 1794 and Murdock looked for a testing ground .

The transfer of the Kit to Novaya Zemlya, a major nuclear testing ground , was carried out in secret.

Because of the interesting, usually technical, demands made on the performers, their ballets often become testing grounds for future soloists.

In brief, it was a fertile testing ground for those wishing to demonstrate prowess in their mastery of econometric technique.


The row centres on a technicality - whether the proper testing procedure was carried out.

Groove Tubes are special because of our unique testing procedures , not because of the way they were built.

But he said Yates denied taking steroids and that there had been irregularities in the testing procedures .

Market testing procedures in central Government have often taken far too long.

Many companies participating in Compacts will use a variety of testing procedures in order to select appropriate candidates for jobs.

Most of the electrophysiological properties are only apparent when appropriate testing procedures are used.

Whereas the scientific enterprise is legitimated by agreed testing procedures , the theological enterprise has been characterized by dogmatism.

This covers the testing procedures and assessment criteria to be applied before licences can be granted.


He disparaged the customs service testing programme as mere display, a gesture of solidarity with the President's anti-drug campaign.


Generally Helen would extrapolate on one of the more testing programmes coming out of her department.

However, local testing programmes can give information on individual schools.

More central to the concerns of this book is the question of whether testing programmes are a suitable procedure for accountability.

In terms of sampling the curriculum, examinations do rather better than most testing programmes .

Deciding whether testing programmes are economic in their use of resources is a more difficult problem.

Some aid will go to paying for practical steps already taken, like fish testing programmes .

As a way of ascertaining whether minimum levels had been achieved state-wide testing programmes were initiated.

Many of the states have linked the testing programmes to the minimum competency testing mentioned in Chapter 1.


The last two or three years have been a testing time for the 180 people who work at Angered.

When testing time arrives, you have a choice.

It is a testing time for Stockton.

Nizan's apprenticeship was a testing time .


But they were not allowed to take readings off the island of Novaya Zemlya, a former Soviet nuclear testing site.

Groove Tubes are special because of our unique testing procedures, not because of the way they were built.

However, local testing programmes can give information on individual schools.

In goal, Peter Liles gave a solid performance under very testing conditions.

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