Meaning of TOTALLY in English




completely/fully/totally/entirely satisfied

If you’re not completely satisfied, you can get your money back.

completely/totally destroy sth

The plane was completely destroyed when it hit a mountain.

completely/totally disappear

My spectacles have completely disappeared again.

completely/totally ignore sb/sth

He had completely ignored her remark, preferring his own theory.

completely/totally illegal

The deal was completely illegal.

completely/totally/absolutely useless

The treatment is completely useless.

completely/totally/quite wrong

I may be completely wrong.

firmly/totally/fully etc convinced

Herschel was firmly convinced of the possibility of life on other planets.

fully/totally/wholly committed

Both sides claim to be fully committed to the peace process.

largely/totally/completely etc irrelevant

His age is completely irrelevant if he can do the job.

purely/totally/completely objective

the importance of a completely objective, independent press

totally deaf (= completely deaf )

He was totally deaf, and unable to walk.

totally reject

My client totally rejects the accusations.

totally ridiculous

The idea is totally ridiculous.

totally unexpected

Her death was totally unexpected .

totally unfair

It’s totally unfair to blame one player when the team doesn’t play well.

totally unprepared

I was totally unprepared for the challenge which faced me.

totally unsuited

I now realize that Tom and I were totally unsuited .

totally/completely unaware

Children were playing next to the railway line, totally unaware of the danger.

totally/completely/almost/partially blind

She’s almost blind in her right eye.

totally/completely/entirely unnecessary

The suffering of these animals is totally unnecessary.

totally/completely/utterly exhausted

Looking after a baby on my own left me feeling totally exhausted.

totally/fully organic (= containing only food that is produced using organic methods )

All the ingredients are totally organic.

totally/highly/completely etc irresponsible

When it comes to money, Dan is completely irresponsible.

totally/wholly/woefully/hopelessly etc inadequate

The building’s electrical system was completely inadequate.

wholly/totally/completely etc inappropriate

His comments were wholly inappropriate on such a solemn occasion.

wholly/utterly/totally etc convincing

Courtenay played the role in an utterly convincing way.




So they spend their lives in darkness, and, having no use for eyes, are totally blind .

The vast majority of people retain some useful sight, however, and very few become totally blind .

She's ninety-three and totally blind .

Where the column crosses an exposed area its flanks are guarded by soldiers, armed with huge jaws and totally blind .

Previously pupils with very little useful vision were referred to and treated all too often as if they were totally blind .

Without an eye you are totally blind .


The quality of our products and services is totally dependent on the quality and commitment of our people.

Its inhabitants, including 230,000 refugees from surrounding areas, remained totally dependent on outside food supplies.

I didn't want to be totally dependent on any one source of income or any one group.

Iris is totally dependent on Donald who retired early to care for his wife.

With wild cats it ensures that the animals do not become totally dependent on one kind of prey.

She is totally dependent on her daughter for help with bathing, washing, dressing and feeding.

People saw themselves as being totally dependent on top management.


They will have a totally different interpretation of family life and of the so-called moral nature of the matter.

Mentally, physically, totally different .

Well, it may be simulating the same sport, but it's a totally different sort of game.

In one way it was very much as she had expected, yet it was also totally different .

And it was able to set off on a totally different , and more professional, tack.

They were a totally different set of people from the ones I knew before.

This is happening for totally different reasons.

Videos, based on a totally different set of values, are now shown regularly in the village.


The impression you gave that I provided your reporter with new information following the meeting is totally false .

A: No, they are totally false .

Yet anyone who wishes to understand the latent determinants of human behaviour would be unwise to reject this excuse as totally false .

But the end result still runs the risk of leaving the viewer with a totally false impression.

The former might result in a totally false comparison with outside sources.


Does an open school mean totally free access to teachers, class rooms and corridors at all times?

Some time-outs are occasional: a break, a totally free and passive period, at the end of every big project.

But the spoils are enough to cushion the realisation that she will never be totally free of this marriage.

There should be no mistaking where the logic of a totally free , totally integrated world labor market leads.

Public-service broadcasting is creating programmes totally free of any commercial consideration.

This program is totally free to the kids who participate, and the eventual national champions win college scholarships.

Under a totally free floating rate, total currency flow surpluses will be eliminated by an appreciation of the exchange rate.

A problem with making recordings direct from electronic instruments is that they are totally free from any natural reverberation.


Is the Marxist explanation, therefore, totally inadequate ?

Residential provision is extremely important and at present totally inadequate in terms of the extent of the need.

About half the impoverished households have one member employed, but their wage is totally inadequate .

The local people naturally defend their crops, usually with totally inadequate weapons such as ancient shotguns loaded with buckshot.

Two bascule bridges and one swing bridge further upstream had become totally inadequate .

Mr Milburn slammed the rise as totally inadequate .

Today's local area network systems are totally inadequate for such gigantic flows of information.


Ireland, with inflation above 6 %, has negative real interest rates, which is totally inappropriate .

Nothing would destroy her - least of all these totally inappropriate emotions for a man who had brought her nothing but misery.

Fine for a static Dalek, but totally inappropriate for a mobile machine.


Think what a clutter there would be if your mind were filled with sights which were totally irrelevant to you!

As l have just remarked, the particular physical embodiment of an algorithm is something totally irrelevant .

Political and nationalistic considerations are totally irrelevant .

The fact that Niall Grant was a very attractive man was totally irrelevant .

It was pathetically inadequate for the poor and totally irrelevant for everyone else.

Whether or not that helps to fill church pews is totally irrelevant .

They have accorded it blind respect while considering it totally irrelevant to the real world.


Parents are accorded a totally new status in the 1958 Bill.

This procedure is not limited to totally new projects and is applied to significant modifications to existing plants.

By the year 2000, millions of people will be working in totally new occupations that do not exist today.

He was made responsible for marine operations, an area of the business totally new to him.

The next chapter, dealing with the history of marriage, is, however, totally new .

From the beginning, the Enfield facility was in-tended to be an experiment in a totally new technological and work-system design.


Which is, of course, totally ridiculous , when you look at it rationally.

And the action premise that completes this credo may seem totally ridiculous in these troubled times.

What a totally ridiculous dream - and about Fen of all people, the last person imaginable, a man she disliked.

Who turned the scene round, made it work so that the rest of the operetta is not totally ridiculous ?


In doing so, he would inevitably have descended into the arena in a totally unacceptable way.

On the other hand, if the parameter is representative of a developing trend, it may be totally unacceptable .

It is amazing how dominant the educational establishment has been for so long, which is totally unacceptable .

Business as usual must be totally unacceptable .

Again, it is not surprising that most Christians find this theory totally unacceptable .

This sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable .

The rival proposals for Stratford are totally unacceptable .

He told parliament there had been a totally unacceptable series of events.


Clients are often totally unaware of how negatively they may be talking to themselves, anticipating failure and minimizing success.

And the speaker may be totally unaware of laying a trap.

If you are feeling tense, you can be totally unaware of how tense.

The enemy should be totally unaware of their arrival.

She brushed away the tear that she'd been totally unaware was slowly trickling down her face.

She couldn't believe that the parents were totally unaware of their daughter's remarkable talents.

He wasn't brave or courageous - just totally unaware of fear in times of crisis.


The very first season did produce a totally unexpected bonus, however.

To be shut out at home in two of the last four games is very weird and totally unexpected .

It's quite clear that the eruption was totally unexpected .

By seizing an opportunity she opened up a new and totally unexpected position for the future.

It was totally unexpected , and there was little if any warning for the local authorities involved.

Yet the most impressive songs take a totally unexpected tack.

But others are totally unexpected-another example of emergent properties.

The answers the workers gave were totally unexpected .


Their suffering is totally unnecessary when they could easily be slaughtered near the farm of production.

It was totally unnecessary , to begin with.

A locum consultant failed to spot the result of her earlier test and arranged for a totally unnecessary exploratory operation.

The funny part of the story is that it was totally unnecessary .

The tendency to categorize black sportsmen and women differently from the rest is faintly racist and, I believe, totally unnecessary .

As is now clear, it was this totally unnecessary act of hubris that more than anything else frightened the voters away.

Biological media is totally unnecessary and a waste of space.

What is happening here is barbaric and totally unnecessary .


Britain was totally unprepared for the cataclysm of the Franco-Prussian War late in 1870 and still less for its outcome.

Sadly, most people find themselves totally unprepared financially and the consequences of that can be disastrous.

I was totally unprepared for Delhi, yet old enough to understand what I saw.

She may have been totally unprepared but she still managed to win her first round match quite comfortably.


Not only are they moving away, but often they are also moving to a place totally unsuitable for elderly people.

Prisons, too, are forced to handle men with profound psychiatric problems in conditions which are totally unsuitable .

The room which houses the material is totally unsuitable for use as an Archive Research Room.

The properly of disabled owner-occupiers may be totally unsuitable for them.

If your car seems totally unsuitable for transporting the patient, you may have to exchange it for a different model.

They use it to eliminate those candidates they feel are totally unsuitable .

The most obvious solution was simply to cancel the operation as the weather was totally unsuitable for parachuting.

How many ponies end up in totally unsuitable homes or in so-called sanctuaries.


Luckily they were totally useless in front of goal.

But now I see he was totally useless to learn from.

Soft defences would have been totally useless .


Mark, however, didn't bother to fake his results: If they're totally wrong I don't generally bother.

Lesley was forced to have the baby in my eyes, and to me that's totally wrong .

He thinks it is totally wrong and immoral to do things like that.

It would, however, be totally wrong to assume that all apparitions are angels on assignment.

My speculation over police motive could certainly be totally wrong .

Are the printed facts in the book I have totally wrong ?

Assumptions based on the analogy of the Zinoviev letter could be totally wrong .

This, in my view, is totally wrong and contrary to my notions of natural justice.



With wild cats it ensures that the animals do not become totally dependent on one kind of prey.

Also, if you become totally and permanently disabled, you can tap your retirement savings at any age without penalty.

He was desperate to understand his sexuality, and afraid of becoming totally homosexual.

The vast majority of people retain some useful sight, however, and very few become totally blind.

Cheesemaking only becomes totally economic if all the products from the process can be used.

It is possible to become totally caught up in the drama of real life, just as it is with fiction.

In fact it was an extraordinary event and all the people who were there became totally engaged.

Firstly, members of the lower strata may become totally demoralized.


It requires holding your nerve, being totally committed and believing absolutely that's what you have got to do.

My doctor is totally committed to this community.

That shows that the Government are totally committed to encouraging academia and industry to work together in that excellent and successful programme.

He was a good friend of John's, and I knew he would be totally committed .

I was a port in the storm of a marriage to which, fundamentally, he was totally committed .

The Secretariat is totally committed to providing an efficient and professional service for the Bar and others that we come in contact with.


Despite Yvonne's cheering words, I wasn't totally convinced that everybody liked dogs!

We do not seek for all to be totally convinced .


If dated by conventional radiocarbon, it would have been totally destroyed during measurement.

The tunnels were never totally destroyed , nor were they ever emptied.

Chokoria Sunderban, an 18,000-hectare mangrove forest in Cox's Bazar, has been totally destroyed .

Most of the houses in the village itself were totally destroyed , and 3,000 people were killed.

The Deaf Institute in Bath was totally destroyed , and all records were lost.

It's a bit of a mess but it's not totally destroyed .

This building was totally destroyed , and the deaf of Weymouth were without a club for some months.


You will feel totally alone because you have relied on some one to do things with you and for you for some time.

She felt totally unnerved by the encounter, and wasn't ashamed to admit it.

Would you like to feel totally happy with yourself and able to cope with any situation without feeling inadequate?

She suddenly felt totally drained; relief at getting home again had brought about a release of all her emotions.

The person feels totally unable to take any more of these feelings and imagines that the feelings themselves will get much worse.

At the moment she felt totally disinclined to do any such thing.

They feel totally secure within a fostering relationship.


The document has almost totally ignored motorcycling.

A better approach is to continue to be friendly and businesslike, while totally ignoring their petty comments.

The youngsters learn that there is nothing to fear and, after a time, they also totally ignore the traffic noise.

We were practically shocked our results were totally ignored .

Otherwise we just elect a few representatives who can totally ignore our wishes for several years after we have counted the votes.

They would rave for twenty minutes about the mouse, and totally ignore the significance of bit-mapping.

She was, in short, too bloody much, and not only that, she was totally ignoring me.

The neuron may totally ignore regions of visual space lacking boundaries.


Mr T has totally lost his hearing.

I almost totally lost it today.

Any payments will be deducted from any claim under section 8 if the goods are totally lost . 10.


It is totally opposed to the qualities of gentleness, patience and self-restraint.

We have also totally opposed some practices such as the use of live bait.


In the regions the greatest level of disquiet was in the south-west, where 25 % of members were not totally satisfied .

I could be totally satisfied just hanging out at my home.


Not only that, but it seemed totally unrealistic to me.

And the action premise that completes this credo may seem totally ridiculous in these troubled times.

If your car seems totally unsuitable for transporting the patient, you may have to exchange it for a different model.

The whole place seemed totally deserted.

And yet you don't seem totally disappointed at the reaction you got!

He seemed totally relaxed, and I felt the prickle of my fear.

Last season the whole defence seemed totally up the creek.

Usually he didn't, and Richie seemed totally confident as he stood there holding the posts.


All of the ice had totally melted.

He totally ignored my advice.

I agree totally .

Los Angeles is totally different from New York.

Myers said that a two year prison sentence for rape was totally unacceptable and inadequate.

What you're saying is totally ridiculous.


Clearly, the only totally adequate indication of the content of a document is the text of the document in its entirety.

It was totally out of the blue.

It was a strange action by some one totally convinced he was in the right.

Little wonder that, once, she'd been totally taken in.

The tunnels were never totally destroyed, nor were they ever emptied.

They are a totally different ball of wax.

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