Meaning of TRANSITION in English




a peaceful transition (= a peaceful change from one system to another )

They hope to achieve a peaceful transition to democracy.




Thus, the durability of Czechoslovakia's democratic transition will be severely tested in the coming months.

To some degree, the studies avoid selection bias since some of the countries have not experienced democratic transitions .

These general similarities are contrasted to the differences in the nature of their democratic transition .

In each study, contextual description is used in an effort to make larger inferences about the process of democratic transition .

A definitive and concise statement on democratic transition and consolidation with contemporary relevance and applicability.

These differences are due to several important factors concerning the study of democratic transition .


Inpart, it is a consequence of the completion of the demographic transition .

They argued that development would eventually take the Third World through its own demographic transition to low rates of death and birth.

Such a relatively abrupt change in the rate of increase of population size has become known as demographic transition .

It is largely this lag that initiates demographic transition but other factors undoubtedly complicate the picture.


She climbed higher and at last managed the difficult transition from the top of the ladder to the edge of the hatch frame.

But with a clear and compelling sense of purpose, you can manage even the most difficult transitions .

This would help the farmers through the first few difficult years of transition .

Adjustment was difficult and the transition from a rural to an inner-city setting was hardest for women.

But in real life she has had to make the difficult transition from child to adult star.

It is a difficult transition for track athletes.


The selection rules depend on the symmetry properties of the electronic transition .

Another feature of electronic transitions is that the selection rule for pure vibrational transitions no longer applies.

Under these circumstances there is no vibrational structure, and the electronic transition gives an unresolved band.


The peaceful transition to democracy depends mainly on the military regime.

That is the way to achieve a peaceful transition .

We all wish to see a peaceful transition .


No one had expected politics to become so fraught so early on in the post-handover political transition .

But in another way, it injects a wild card into the government's careful script for a controlled political transition .

A case study of political transition in one of the major totalitarian regimes.

Bromberg describes these transitions , and the political transitions that went with them.


Labour's complex leadership rules, first used to elect Mr Kinnock in 1983, make a smooth transition impossible.

The broadcasters say they need both analog and digital channels for 15 years to ensure a smooth transition to the digital age.

Johnson's first task was to ensure a smooth transition of power, and for the time being he kept together the Kennedy team.

Of this sector, electronic parts and components manufacturers made the smoothest transition to commercial markets.

Ensure that children and young people with learning disabilities have a smoother transition into adulthood and adult service networks.

Even so, Swilling expects his student to make a smooth transition to defensive end.

Again we're using repetition in different octaves and lots of slides and pull-offs to make a smooth transition between each position.

Chan cited signs that point to a smooth transition in 1997.


I work in a trust hospital which, as far as I can tell, has made a successful transition from directly managed status.

He made a successful transition from selling religion to selling cars.

He is one of the few artists to make a successful transition from music to movies.

Education can only contribute one element to successful transition .

The successful transition from Primary to Secondary Education is regarded as essential to the continuing success of Heriot's.



References are given in the text for specific matters such as the glass transition and time-temperature superposition.

The glass transition Glass, familiar for centuries, is a solid material showing no crystalline structure.

Its derivation from and relation to free volume theories of the glass transition has been thoroughly discussed in the literature.

This information is additional to that gained on crystallization, melting, glass transitions , and decompositions.

When these materials are cooled below their glass transition they become brittle and shatter easily with a blow.

The temperature at which this critical value is reached is the glass transition temperature.

Physically the process of cooling a polymer through its glass transition would then be as follows.


Calculations for transition metal species present particularly difficult problems.

The course includes following topics - thermodynamics, kinetics, solution chemistry, organic chemistry, transition metals and metal extraction.

This is one sign of the richness of the electronic spectra of compounds containing transition metal centers.


The postponement of the conference was cited as a reason for the extension of the transition period .

Britain won an important concession-a 15-year transition period during which the regulation would not apply.

This means that during the transition period , your documents will be better, but less than ideal.

Despite a ten-year transition period , both countries suffered balance of payments problems on entering the Community.

After the transition period , broadcasters were to return the original spectrum to the government for auction.

There is inevitably a transition period after the implementation of any major piece of legislation.

For Bukharin, the transition period encompassed two distinct phases.


Matrix R is the transition probability matrix raised to the power two.

The table of transition probabilities for the travel example would be laid out as shown in Table 6.2.

It is usual to find a progression indicating significant transition probabilities to many vibrational levels of the modes concerned.

Both systems use transition probabilities between syntactically tagged form class pairs to prune the search.

Reducing the length One version of the Edinburgh syntactic component used pair-wise transition probabilities between words.

Many different patterns of foggy and clear days could produce the same numerical values for the transition probabilities in the example.

This is what the transition probability matrix tells us.

When the actual counts were converted to transition probabilities the results shown in Table 6.4 were obtained.


The remainder of the transition process consists of the growth of these local regions of turbulent motion, whilst they travel downstream.

The transition process involved employees and management at all levels.

An interesting feature of the transition process is vortex pairing, seen in Fig. 18.10.

The existing transition process has proceeded, and succeeded, for nearly a decade.

Instead we have to introduce a set of Reynolds numbers relating to different events in the transition process .

There are some things that you can do to help yourself get through the three-phase transition process .

Once turbulent slugs are produced, the transition process is substantially the same at all values of the Reynolds number.

We encourage the strengthening of co-operation to support the transition processes , regional co-operation and environmental responsibility.


Oki intends to leave a transition team in place until October though its function remains unclear.

Five of his former commissioners serve on the transition team .

Herman was named co-director of the presidential transition team when Clinton was first elected in 1992.


The temperature at which this critical value is reached is the glass transition temperature.

The extra-oral treatment requires processing at temperatures closer to the glass transition temperature where segmental mobility allows additional polymerisation.

As pressure increases, the transition temperature increases.



It may be desirable to spend what could otherwise be dole money on temporarily subsidizing lame ducks to ease the transition .

Person has been active in Farm Wrap, a program that helps ease the transition from agriculture to other careers.

We have provided valuable economic and humanitarian aid to ease the transition to a market economy.

But Golding said she would work with Huntington Beach officials to ease his transition .

As a way to ease that transition , the Department of Defense has agreed to allow it to become a redevelopment area.

It was Schindler who stepped in at that moment to ease the transition to the right.

This meeting was to air grievances and ease our transition into the future.


Johnson's first task was to ensure a smooth transition of power, and for the time being he kept together the Kennedy team.

The broadcasters say they need both analog and digital channels for 15 years to ensure a smooth transition to the digital age.


The alliance was created to help the transition from a defense-dominated economy to more diverse industries.

She is expected to remain with justice at least through March to help Reno with the transition .

Daniel will move into the new job in early February, as Yates stays to help with the transition .

He helped in the transition of leadership in Chicago when Elijah Muhammad died.


I work in a trust hospital which, as far as I can tell, has made a successful transition from directly managed status.

You have made the transition from character to caricature.

In my garden it has made a swift transition from weed to wild flower to flower.

Some, like Jodie Foster, make the transition .

Without Rice to fall back on like a feather bed of dreams, the 49ers made the transition from specificity to diversity.

Now, she helps people with disabilities make the transition from home to workplace by counseling them and their employers.

Second, Labour under Mr Kinnock is belatedly making the transition to continental-style social democracy.

Of this sector, electronic parts and components manufacturers made the smoothest transition to commercial markets.


Children manage these transitions with various degrees of capability.


But suddenly, marking the transition to the Tertiary, there is a sharp global discontinuity in everything.


a scheme to help families making the transition from welfare to work

It's difficult for someone who's been a stage actor to make the transition to television.

The transition from a communist system to a free market economy will be difficult.

The new system will be introduced gradually over a six month transition period.

The textile industry is currently in transition .

You need a better transition between the second and third paragraphs.


Except for Aunt Pat, my transition to city life was a series of agonies.

For most people, the transition from infection to overt illness takes from six to ten years.

I resolved that the transition should be a smooth one.

It seems to have been a religion that was in transition , which may explain some startling contradictions or apparent contradictions.

Mid-1945 was an important period of transition for him.

The transition is even more painful if interest rates happen to be rising at the time.

Where the transitions were more subtle, as in changing cultural conceptions among the literati, the Jesuits were less successful.

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