Meaning of TRANSMITTER in English





It works with a tiny radio transmitter and receiver in the handset and the base.



Houses will be equipped with radio transmitters , allowing callers to shop around for the best deals.&038;.

The birds were outfitted with radio transmitters so that they can be tracked.

Here you simply ensure that the mechanical linkage will give more than sufficient control and then adjust the radio transmitter in suit.

It works with a tiny radio transmitter and receiver in the handset and the base.

And for 1,500 miles it was carried on the current without power, navigational gear or a radio transmitter .

But it was an expensive raincoat, because one of its buttons is a small radio transmitter .

It's a short-wave radio transmitter .

There was also £500 in one-pound notes, and a five-valve radio transmitter .



Scientists are using transmitters to track the movements and migrations of eiders that nest near Prudhoe Bay.


A handset would contain an ultrasonic transmitter and the television fitted with a matching receiver.

In the transmitter , infra-red is modulated to carry the analogue sound information which then fills the room.

Remember all the hullabaloo over the golf ball with the transmitter inside it.

The cell sites have transmitters and receivers connected to antennas that communicate with the local phone system.

The nature of the retrograde messenger may give clues to the processes responsible for the sustained increase in transmitter release.

We've picked up his transmitter .

What is needed is a transmitter sufficiently cheap, compact and low-powered to be installed in every home.

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