Meaning of TRANSVERSE in English






This patient had a previous left hemi-colectomy with a transverse colon rectal anastomosis for a colonic stricture.

Specimens taken at various levels in the colon showed a microscopic colitis that was maximal in the transverse colon.

The abdomen was distended and the outline of the transverse colon clearly visible.

At colectomy two Dukes's A cancers were found; one in the sigmoid and one in the transverse colon .

We chose to place the manometric catheter into the transverse colon .

Similarly, the transverse colon was recognised by its characteristic triangular folds and the sigmoid colon by its circular folds.

Shortly after admission abdominal distension and tenderness over the transverse colon was noted.

A plain supine abdominal radiograph showed gaseous dilatation of the transverse colon and small bowel.


As a result, it will be suitable for both longitudinal or transverse settings, and can sit low in a chassis.

Noted for his prolific output, the composer significantly extended the repertory for the transverse flute.

One of these is the transverse mode structure.

The flexible rod in its back which runs the entire length of its body carries transverse bands of muscles.

The trouble was the transverse corridor just outside the room.

There were transverse seats for two in each corner, reducing the seating by four.

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