Meaning of USEFUL in English




a good/useful/helpful/handy tip

Go to their website to find useful tips on buying and selling a home.

a helpful/useful/valuable suggestion

He made various helpful suggestions.

a useful distinction

He makes a useful distinction between the two theories.

a useful means

Local radio is a useful means of advertising.

a useful purpose

Nuclear weapons serve no useful purpose and should be banned.

a useful source

People said television was their most useful source of local information.

a useful/handy checklist

This is a useful checklist for anyone travelling abroad.

a useful/valuable contribution

I joined the society because I felt I could make a useful contribution.

a valid/useful/meaningful comparison (= a reasonable one, based on sensible information )

There is not enough data for a valid comparison to be made.

an important/useful/valuable clue

The car used in the robbery may provide important clues.

find sth/sb easy/useful/interesting etc

She found the work very dull.

Lots of women I know find him attractive.

I found them quite easy to use.


The book is full of good advice.

practical/useful/helpful pointers

a few useful pointers about using the technique

useful/valuable experience (= useful experience )

That summer he got some valuable experience working in a tax office.


The information he gave me was very useful.




But it is also useful to plan formal dissemination in advance.

Though the main purpose was to raise money, the crowd count was also useful for political chest-pounding.

These books are also useful for teacher-trainers preparing in-service courses, and as reference sources to teachers working on their own.

These debates were also useful in reallocating resources in order to set up and build an infrastructure in some specific areas.

Integrating soaking with cleaning operations is also useful .

It is also useful to understand the prognosis for this disease in the future.

It is also useful when giving a delivery date.

Expertise is also useful to those blocked from gaining other sources of power.


This is why it is quite as useful in savoury as in sweet dishes.

They see themselves as useful and important people who have learned that they have something to contribute to their communities and families.

It is as useful as a dictionary.

Steady base-load electricity sources will always be needed, and solar and wind power can only act as useful supplements.

Both powers in practice are as useful as a parachute in a space ship - reassuring but not very practical.

Some find it useful to have extra pockets on a rucksack as useful organisers, others regard them as a hindrance.

A sample of a few hundred census records is often just as useful as a database of several thousands.


It's especially useful in lofts or cellars, and will also dispose of bath and/or shower waste through the same pipes.

This variety is especially useful for planting in the corners of an aquarium, where it provides a shelter for refuge-seeking fishes.

Carbol fuchsin is especially useful for autoradiography as it will not interfere with emulsion and will not wash out in developer.

This is an especially useful process in plants with long creeping rootstocks such as Anubias, Lagenandra, and Acorus.

It may be especially useful , if used alongside other types of evidence.

This approach is especially useful for longer documents that require more planning.

It is especially useful in patients with frequently occurring, slow, haemodynamically well-tolerated tachycardia.

Found something intriguing, improbable, insane or especially useful on the Net?


Propagating plants An electric propagator is both economical and extremely useful .

With more detailed information, this can be an extremely useful feature.

Morphine and its related narcotics have proved extremely useful in their ability to control pain.

Infantry officer Thomas Giltner also found C4 extremely useful .

This can be extremely useful for overviews of a thin section, grain shape and size determinations and for fabric analysis.

One extremely useful diagnostic technique is classroom observation by psychologists and / or educators familiar with the disorder.

Film evidence can be extremely useful in investigating how the media both influence and reflect contemporary events and opinion.

The dialogue proved extremely useful to Park.


In some of Darwin's own researches we can see how useful it was.

Realising how useful it would be to have a doctor in their band, Magdalena was put to studying medicine.

Q30 How useful is social class as a variable for segmenting consumer markets?

How would this affect the provision of instructions for performing loops? How useful would it be?

And as for the gawping idiots - haven't you thought how useful a little judicious publicity could be?

Even if we accept this, it is questionable how useful an analytical framework is which has an untenable base.

Have you any criticisms of the output layout? How useful are the graphical facilities? 2.

Results were similar when staff were asked how informative and how useful is the content of the publication.


This is perhaps a more useful analogy than might at first sight appear.

It is equally correct and sometimes more useful to view demand from the reference point of quantity.

This is the same as saying information delivered in a particular form is more useful in certain applications than in others.

Jane gets more useful when returned to.

I got a lot more useful background about flying around both North and South Islands from Murray too.

And if I may say so, they seem more useful than yours.

If you've ended up with 2 secs. stop down and repeat until you get something more useful .

When this happens, better or more useful alternatives are missed, perhaps with new companies or new colleges.


Indirect methods are the most useful .

In recent years, a dozen rules have emerged as most useful: 1.

Many of the most useful people in the Linux community can be found in newsgroups and mailing lists.

Presented here are the three techniques that I have found most useful for working fathers.

This is most useful , since it promotes cash flow through the business in the first and early years of trading.

As noted earlier, water is the most useful shielding material against cosmic rays and solar protons.

However, 39% felt tax planning was the most useful area of advice, and only 27% cited business strategy.

The new technology could prove most useful in subsea drilling, where the expenses involved in stopping production are enormous.


Finally, deviant country studies are particularly useful for theory generation.

The assay is particularly useful in patients with circulating insulin antibodies or in those being treated with insulin.

These are particularly useful if the sack is intended for group use, or for young people who are still growing.

This may not at first seem particularly useful .

Their booklet Help at Hand is particularly useful .

This is particularly useful if done before leaving for work on hot days.

The Fishpen will be particularly useful to separate young fish from their parents or to help introduce new fish safely.

The method of submatrices is particularly useful in solving both these problems.


It is therefore very useful to make up lists of those outlets which you may want to contact regularly.

The final chapter, Chapter 8, provides very useful guidance in further reading which can be invaluable to the motivated student.

Brad Johnstone has a sound track record of moulding such players into a very useful outfit.

Familiarity with two basic property documents - a lease and a conveyance - is very useful .

Thornton had good contacts as well, and proved very useful in arranging meetings.

So the visual record may be very useful in some situations.

But whatever his motives, he soon realized that he had tapped a very useful vein of information in Ted Morgan.

Old deeds can be very useful for such a purpose, and certainly any containing plans should in general be retained.



Kit-house companies will help you design your home and provide useful advice .

They entertained them with the utmost hospitality and before they bade them farewell Helenus gave them useful advice about their journey.

This one contains some more useful advice at this particular stage.

These specialists can offer useful advice and practical support.

Nigel gave her a little useful advice on publishers too.

Ceologists and environmental specialists can generally provide useful advice .


Yet it does perform a number of useful functions . 1.

The use of categories, when those categories serve a useful function , is not questioned.

We've found a tiny offshoot of imagination that once, like the appendix doubtless had some useful function .

While it survived, it served a useful function in obtaining agreement on some economic questions such as currency convertibility and capital transfers.

To be fair, these materials performed a useful function for a time in the propellers of Spitfires and similar aircraft.

One useful function of hypotheses is that they help to indicate what data are needed for their testing.

However, he suggests that fear does have a useful function .


Analysis of a water supply gives much useful information and is essential when a new supply is being considered for textile processing.

Studies of the spectrum of sunlight reflected from these asteroids have given us useful information on the minerals present in them.

More specifically, in most offices the interception and reading of correspondence which seemed a possible source of useful information still continued.

Large numbers of locally published guide-books and brochures relating to individual shrines have proved to be mines of useful information .

Both naturally-occurring and artificial isotopic mixtures can give useful information .

He had no useful information about the shooting that took place nearby as Cosby changed a flat tire, police said.

Other useful information is also given at the back of the book.

This was useful information in a terraced society.


Without them the useful life of streptomycin might have been confined to a few years.

It has an expected useful life of ten years, after which its estimated salvage value would be $ 10, 000.

The instance cited was where debt charges continue to be included in revenue accounts for financing assets whose useful life is over.

Finally the salvage value of the new equipment at the end of its expected useful life is reflected.

It has an expected useful life of ten years and the residual value is likely to be negligible.

Any asset with an expected useful life of more than one year is normally considered a capital asset.

According to Craig, the length of useful life of geological papers varies according to their subfield.

Depreciation accounting is simply a technique used to allocate the cost of a capital asset over its expected useful life .


That would serve no useful purpose .

No useful purpose would be served by repeating it here.

It is perhaps in the field of attribution that this catalogue serves the most useful purpose .

Brand names serve a useful purpose , not just for the producer but for the consumer as well.

Therefore, s.64 would no longer serve a useful purpose .

But adverse planetary influences invariably serve a useful purpose - and never more so than right now.

Mr Kaczynski has determined that no useful purpose would be served in demanding the duplicative process of a preliminary hearing.


He seemed a useful source where Dysart's Oxford days were concerned.

Anyone who is interested in woven textiles will find this a useful source book.

Social historians of the future should find it a useful source when quoting the anti-Reagan lobby.

Such leases are therefore a useful source of genealogical information.

This branding element can be a useful source of revenue, as this space can be sold to advertise local businesses.

As always, the behaviour of light is a useful source of illustration.

It chronicles recent changes within the professions and the health services and is a useful source of reference and information.


I discovered this to be a useful tip , but not when it came to long-distance telephone calls.

Anyway, you really should have just taken the useful tips from his lecture and let the rest slide.

Here is a very useful tip .

Both are full of useful tips on bringing about organizational change.

It also contains a record of races and also distance &038; metric conversions plus many useful tips .

A useful tip is to make sure that no more than two brandy snaps are baked on each tray.

The useful tips and good advice really came in handy-despite my years of experience.


This form, printed on three sides of A4 paper, is a useful way of recording information elicited during the interview.

Social contracts are strictly hypothetical-no one has ever actually signed one-but they provide a useful way of thinking about social arrangements.

Air photographs Aerial photographs are often a useful way to start to approach these historic landscapes and townscapes.

But some issues, like this one, are so universally difficult that a commission is the only useful way to proceed.

One useful way of assisting your learning is to keep a diary.

Managed care can be a very useful way to provide care to a lot of people.

The West can still help, in a more useful way than Mr Kissinger proposed.

Several years ago, Pensacola, Florida, developed a useful way to classify public services.


Investigators have not found any useful clues in the case.

Scotch tape is very useful for making quick repairs.

See page 35 for a list of useful addresses.

The bank gave us a lot of useful advice about starting our own business.

This equipment will prove useful in testing premature babies who we suspect might have hearing problems.


And a big stick comes in useful too.

For parts, he scrounged around various offices and supply rooms, scavenging what seemed useful .

It is useful to minimize the reminders and lectures.

Often a single chemical reaction is not sufficient to synthesize a useful end-product.

Other useful information is also given at the back of the book.

The legal knowledge was useful , and the degree and license another step forward, but practicing law was not his ambition.

Yes, those ladies had given a useful fillip to his prestige.

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