Meaning of VECTOR in English





These modified C-terminal fragments were subcloned into the NdeI and BamHI sites of the His-tagged expression vector , pET15b.

However, such activation was dramatically reduced in the presence of the Oct-1 expression vector .


The way that Q moves is completely determined by the Hamiltonian vector field .

These, also, will be vector fields in space.


ClarisWorks also includes a vector graphics and a communications package.

The vector graphics are well-executed, although it takes time for your eyes to adjust to what's going on.

Some computer systems use raster graphics which generally have a lower resolution than the more expensive vector graphics.

Having spent some time loading and editing complicated vector graphics files in CorelDRAW I can vouch for the accuracy of this claim.


The matrix theory is presented in classical algebraic form with no recourse to the notions and nomenclature of vector space theory.

The key notion is that of a linear operator on a vector space .

We need, therefore, to sally forth once more into the mathematical jungle of vector spaces .

For the moment just note that electron spin provides a second example of a two-dimensional state vector space in quantum mechanics.

This notion of eigenvalues gives numbers a natural lodgement in the theory of operators acting on vector spaces .

It is called the theory of vector spaces .



A human gene can be inserted into fibroblasts using a retroviral vector , and the skin then grafted back to the donor.

Therefore a reduction stage is used to reduce the vector sequence to a maximum of five vectors.

It should be noted that all the experiments thus far have used vector representations.


Adjacent points are then converted to vectors resolved into the directions shown in Fig 1.2iii.

Geometrically, the inner product of two vectors can be considered a measure of their similarity.

Input words were coded by a feature vector sequence.

The results are superb; genuine scalable vector art that can be reproduced at any resolution.

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