Meaning of VESSEL in English




a blood vessel (= a tube in your body through which blood flows )

the blood vessels that lead to the heart

blood vessel




A yacht or fishing vessel would find it quite easy to evade our controls and could carry large amounts of contraband.

Orthodox wooden construction is still being used today for fishing vessels , minesweepers and yachts of up to four or five hundred tons.

Such a presence must take the form of an onshore administrative unit responsible for the management of the fishing vessel concerned.

One night she had boarded a small fishing vessel moored at a small port near Yalta.


This imposed an extra constraint on the larger vessels .

Fourth, Ishmael makes it clear that an enraged sperm whale will charge and sink a large sailing vessel like the Pequod.

They were definitely photographs of some very old and very large vessel half submerged in a glacier.

Place in a large vessel and cover with cold water.

There were rumours the small boat had been hit by a much larger vessel .

The large fishing vessels we saw were all well maintained with modern equipment.

Then it is put in large vessels where yeast is added to convert sugar to alcohol.

The Ocean Princess is designed for today's more sophisticated traveller, being a world away from other large and impersonal vessels .


Passing an oil rig and numerous naval vessels , we moored alongside a jetty on the estuary leading up to the town.

However, Burns was successfully transferred to a federal revenue cutter and returned to Virginia under the escort of several naval vessels .

Reductions would affect especially artillery and anti-tank weapons, while procurement of naval vessels would be slowed.

The deadlock was broken by the New Zealand government which offered the use of two of its naval vessels .


But the illusion is soon shattered ... the moored sailing vessel alongside is heaving with 65 members of a film crew.

Steamers could carry larger volumes of cargo than sailing vessels and do it more frequently and regularly.

Shall we see commercial sailing vessels ply the seas again?


At first it looked empty, then he saw two small vessels , just short of the horizon, their motion imperceptible.

Hypercalcemia, rarely, may also cause seizures, possibly related to small cerebral vessel occlusion.

You can benefit from this same technology nomatterhow large or small your vessel .

Launching the small glass vessels proved daunting.

A small vessel containing mercury is added from which extend two hollow copper wires.

Some clubs allow members to use smaller vessels for free.

The report identified 67 vessels based in the port, although these were much smaller than the vessels of the early 1970s.

Really, I think I should have strangled the man if forced to endure his companionship aboard a small vessel !


The heater probe reached a visible vessel in 90% of the patients.

Our definition of visible vessel is widely accepted.

The endoscopic concept of visible vessel includes several stages of the same lesion and even various types of lesions.

The approach to the visible vessel was difficult in 10 patients.



Relaxed tissues and blood vessels - varicose veins, piles etc. with burning in varicose veins.

Just as in a bruise under the skin, a blood vessel in the brain can leak.

Vasomax is an oral version of a current injection drug that dilates penile blood vessels .

One-quarter of this extracellular fluid is contained within blood vessels as the plasma space.

He was well beaten and in a later race broke a blood vessel .

If the plaque blocks a blood vessel , a heart attack or stroke can occur.

A Flight Lieutenant underwent surgery to repair a broken blood vessel in the brain.

They gasped for breath, struggled against debilitating weakness, and when the blood vessels around their brains ruptured, they died.


Since the sacrifice of a single one of these cargo vessels caused terrible losses, merchants yearned to avoid the inevitable.

No warships were present, but considerable damage was inflicted on cargo vessels , with which the harbor was jammed.


Two other women lay upon the counter a pickle-bottle and a glass vessel of a kind which altogether defies description.

Launching the small glass vessels proved daunting.

The receptacles in Agricola's description may however simply be to make it easier to remove the batches of cool glass vessels .


When required for use in war, large numbers of merchant vessels were impressed adhoc.

Boarding and rummage of a merchant vessel presents no particular problem to us.

Typically, the arming of a merchant vessel involved mounting eight six-inch guns on the ship.


Accurate, up-to-date records must be kept of tests on all lifting equipment and pressure vessels .

We even got invited to see inside the pressure vessel .

It is one of four Magnox stations which have suffered problems with the pressure vessels .



When he demonstrated the type of wood he will use to build the vessel ... it sank.


The jury cleared him of the charges of criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and operating a vessel while intoxicated.


His smuggling operation employed shipping containers and sailing vessels to move the freight, officials said.

Passengers will sail aboard a 95-foot vessel , which accommodates up to 12 passengers.

Fourth, Ishmael makes it clear that an enraged sperm whale will charge and sink a large sailing vessel like the Pequod.

To be knocked down by the boom of a sailing vessel was so banal as to be embarrassing.

Rope is the sinew of any sailing vessel .

Helper furnishes a list of floods and another of wrecked ships, subdividing the latter into steamers and sailing vessels .

Small sailing vessels dotted the sheltered waters within sight of the government buildings, riding an a soft southerly breeze.

A fully equipped tipi had almost as many ropes, lines, pegs, and parts as an old-time sailing vessel .


And Hugh's cold blood sank low in its vessels .

Fourth, Ishmael makes it clear that an enraged sperm whale will charge and sink a large sailing vessel like the Pequod.

One part could fail without sinking the whole vessel .


a sailing vessel


A knife may be used to trim leather-hard pots of any excess, particularly from wheel-thrown and moulded vessels.

And the Navy wants the vessel cheap -- by Pentagon standards at least.

Some ritual vessels have shields painted on them.

The vessel is about 30 miles off the Baja California coast, in international waters.

Whatever had been on its prow was now gone, sheared off when the sleek vessel had been driven among the trees.

When caffeine blocks these receptors, blood vessels dilate, increasing the filtration rate and producing more urine.

You have more sweat glands and blood vessels per square inch in your scalp than any other part of your body.

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