Meaning of VIBRATION in English






It is important to realize that not all molecular vibrations lead to oscillating dipoles.

The radiation involved is normally of frequency much greater than that of any molecular vibration .

I: chapter 6, the topic is introduced by a short discussion on molecular vibration spectroscopy.

But there are some molecular vibrations which can not interact with this radiation.



Ground-state vibration frequencies are obtained as shifts from the exciting frequency or from the vibrational origin of the electronic band.

Indeed, no relationship between the vibration frequencies of different molecules is logically necessary.

We have seen how the vibration frequencies may be observed and how each may be allocated to a particular symmetry species.

Molecular vibrations therefore lead to oscillations of electric charge, with frequencies governed by the normal vibration frequencies of the system.

As we have seen in Section 5.12, isotopic substitution can lead to changes in vibration frequencies .

The minimum in the potential function is at a greater internuclear distance, and the vibration frequency is lower.

The random differences in environment result in a range of different vibration frequencies , and so each vibration band is broadened.



For a long time he lay awake, feeling the vibration of Garvey's snores clear through the trembling planks.

He said he could feel the vibrations of my enthusiasm over the telephone wires.

She murmured something to him, some affirmation of love, and he felt the vibration of her voice strike through him.

You can feel the vibrations from loud music through your feet as well as through your ears.

Rhythm of speech can be felt through amplified vibration .

A door banged and he felt the vibration of footsteps and smelt cigarette smoke.

He knew this was no accident, he could feel it like a vibration , like an angry aura of wasps.

So if you feel six pulses or vibrations it indicates the chosen number is six.


the vibrations of the ship's engine


Animals walked there, the vibration of their passing stirring Tallis from her earthly sleep.

Any equipment on a bare shelf is particularly susceptible to vibration .

The vibration takes the form of an acoustic wave travelling down the rod.

There were no sounds or vibrations.

With the car going this fast, the vibration evened out, the ride a lot more smooth.

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