Meaning of VOLTAGE in English





Weakly electric fish don't need high voltages or currents for their purposes, which are purely information-gathering ones.

However, an internal high voltage , as much as 1500 volts, must be applied.

Rhinos are also now being relocated to sanctuaries which are surrounded by high voltage fencing.

For the first time it would be possible to send high voltages on slender wires for hundreds of miles.

This has obvious implications for making floating current measurements in high voltage distribution systems.

It does make sense that the lateral line would be adversely affected by prolonged exposure to unusually high voltage .

A high voltage lamp was then fixed in each compartment to give light when necessary for the men working in the compartment.

This part of the subtle body can be photographed by a high voltage technique called Kirlian photography.


Deependable Products now offer an easy way to remove and prevent induced voltages - the Nega-volt.

Recent research has linked induced voltages with lateral line disease.

Current flows into the motor provided the voltage applied to the phase can overcome the induced voltage.

It is these induced voltages which are used to extract energy from the mechanical system and provide electromagnetic damping.

The induced voltage leads the phase current by the angle a and lags the applied voltage by 6.


The screen is bright enough at these lower voltages because the viewer watches from the side that the electrons strike the phosphor.

Slow waves appear in bursts, separated by periods of low voltage activity of about ten seconds.

All other flying leads for the switches and indicators are at low voltage and these can be soldered directly to the p.c.b.

With modern circuits that run on low voltages the mains transformer provides two functions.

One of these is simply to reduce the 240 volt mains supply down to the much lower voltage required by the circuit.

Beams can also be established at low accelerating voltages , thus reducing the risk of specimen damage.

Includes low-energy, low voltage , &038; cabling, electric fittings, etc.

Even more is lost during the transmission process; the lower the voltage the more energy is dissipated.



Hence the voltage drop across R5 will be in the range 0.4V to 1.4V.


An alternative choice of independent variables that is more convenient for certain types of four-terminal network is the input current and output voltage .

From this, it is clear that the output voltage can be varied by altering the duty cycle.

Practical Transformers Another problem is that the output voltage of transformers seldom correspond exactly to the rated voltage.

Hence the output voltage , within the design limits, remains constant over a wide range of current and input voltage variations.

With parallel operation the output voltage is equal to the voltage rating of one winding, or 6 volts in this case.

Thus the output voltage will be held at a voltage equal to that at pin 3.

This would give double the required output voltage which could easily cause damage to the power supply components and beyond.


A large supply voltage and phase resistance are only required when the motor is operating at high speeds.

During these freewheeling intervals the effective phase voltage is equal to the d.c. supply voltage.

Voltage regulation is not required for IC2 either because its timing is largely independent of the supply voltage .

The full supply voltage is applied to the winding and the current is rapidly boosted to slightly above rated.

The current is now opposed by the supply voltage and is rapidly forced to zero.

In the bilevel drive there are two supply voltages .

How can the supply voltage and consequently the phase current - be increased during acceleration or deceleration?

On test with no load the divider chip consumed only 19mA at a supply voltage of 1.8V.



The electrodes intersect at each pixel to produce the required activation voltage .

The other acts as a pickup coil producing a voltage proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux linking it.


The principle of waveform detection using motional voltage can be illustrated by referring to a three.phase variable.reluctance stepping motor with one-phase-on excitation.

Rather than using analogue voltages the servos operate with digital pulses of varying width to form a pulse width locked loop.

This may be used to set the voltage at pin 6, with pin 4 connected to 0V.


low-voltage electrical current


During these freewheeling intervals the effective phase voltage is equal to the d.c. supply voltage.

So, if you are experiencing this problem, check for voltage leakage from every possible source.

The electrodes intersect at each pixel to produce the required activation voltage .

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