Meaning of ANYONE in English

an ‧ y ‧ one S1 W1 /ˈeniwʌn/ BrE AmE pronoun

1 . used to refer to any person, when it is not important to say exactly who:

Anyone could win tonight.

They offer help and advice to anyone interested in becoming a teacher.

If anyone sees Lisa, ask her to call me.

Anyone else who is interested in going on the trip should see me at the end of this lesson.

2 . used in questions to mean ‘someone’:

Does anyone want a drink?

Is there anyone new coming to tonight’s meeting?

Do you know anyone else who wants a ticket?

3 . used in negative sentences to mean no person:

I went to the bar but there wasn’t anyone there.

I haven’t spoken to anyone all day.

• • •


Use a singular verb after anyone :

Hardly anyone was paying attention to him.

► Do not use 'of' after anyone . Use any of :

Do any of these people have jobs?

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