Meaning of BASED in English


based /beɪst/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ base , the basics, ↑ basis ; adjective : ↑ baseless , ↑ basic , ↑ based ; verb : ↑ base ; adverb : ↑ basically ]

1 . [not before noun] if you are based somewhere, that is the place where you work or where your main business is:

It is a professional service based at our offices in Oxford.

London-based/New York-based etc

a London-based firm of accountants

2 . oil-based/carbon-based/computer-based etc used to describe the basic feature or part of something:

computer-based teaching

community-based services

carbon-based fuels

3 . broadly-based based on many kinds of things or people:

a broadly-based government of national reconciliation

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