Meaning of BOOKING in English


book ‧ ing /ˈbʊkɪŋ/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

1 . an arrangement to travel by train, use a hotel room etc at a particular time in the future ⇨ reservation :

bookings on cruise ships

I made a booking for two double rooms.

I’m calling to confirm my booking (=say definitely that I want to travel etc) .

If you cancel your booking, there will be a small charge.

Places on the course are limited and advance booking is essential.

block booking (=a booking for a large number of dates, seats, rooms etc)

2 . an arrangement made by a performer to perform at a particular time in the future

3 . British English the act of writing a football player’s name in a book as a punishment for breaking the rules

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■ verbs

▪ make a booking

Your travel agent will make your booking for you.

▪ confirm a booking

Please confirm your booking 48 hours before your flight.

▪ cancel a booking

If you wish to cancel your booking, you must do it in writing.

▪ accept a booking

Bookings can only be accepted on receipt of a deposit.


▪ advance booking

The cinema charges 50p a ticket for advance booking.

▪ early booking

Early booking is recommended because places are limited.

▪ late booking

There are cash penalties for late booking.

▪ a holiday booking

I had an email confirming our holiday booking.

▪ a group booking/block booking (=a booking for a large number of seats, rooms etc)

There's a 20% discount for group bookings.

■ booking + NOUN

▪ a booking form

You can complete the booking form online.

▪ a booking fee

Ticket agencies may charge a booking fee.

▪ booking conditions

In the event of a cancellation, a refund will be offered according to the terms of our booking conditions.

▪ a booking hall/office British English (=a place for buying tickets, especially in a station)

There were long queues in the booking hall.

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