Meaning of CARCASS in English


car ‧ cass /ˈkɑːkəs $ ˈkɑːr-/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1300-1400 ; Language: Old French ; Origin: carcois ]

1 . the body of a dead animal

2 . the decaying outer structure of a building, vehicle, or other object

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■ a dead body

▪ body noun [countable] the dead body of a person:

Her body was discovered at the bottom of a cliff.


Firefighters found the body of a woman in the house.

▪ corpse noun [countable] the dead body of a person. Corpse is is used when you are thinking about the body as an object rather than a person:

Pathologists examined the corpse.

▪ carcass noun [countable] the dead body of an animal:

a whale carcass


The carcasses of the infected animals were burned.

▪ remains noun [plural] parts of a dead person or animal, especially when they died a long time ago:

Police found human remains under the floorboards of the house.

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