Meaning of CART in English


I. cart 1 /kɑːt $ kɑːrt/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1100-1200 ; Language: Old Norse ; Origin: kartr ]

1 . a vehicle with no roof that is pulled by a horse and used for carrying heavy things ⇨ ↑ handcart

2 . American English a large wire basket on wheels that you use in a ↑ supermarket SYN trolley British English

3 . the place on an Internet shopping website where you put things that you wish to buy

4 . American English a small table with wheels, used for moving and serving food and drinks SYN trolley British English

5 . put the cart before the horse to do two things in the wrong order

⇨ upset the apple cart at ↑ upset 2 (5)

II. cart 2 BrE AmE verb [transitive always + adverb/preposition]

1 . to take something somewhere in a cart, truck etc

cart something away

Household waste is carted away by the city’s Sanitation Department.

2 . informal to carry something somewhere, especially something that is heavy or difficult to carry:

We carted all the furniture upstairs.

cart somebody off/away phrasal verb informal

to take someone somewhere, especially to prison or hospital:

He collapsed and had to be carted off to hospital.

• • •


▪ carry to have something or someone in your hands or arms when you go somewhere:

She was carrying a heavy suitcase.


Mary fainted, and had to be carried inside.

▪ tote especially American English informal to carry something such as a bag or a gun:

He came out of the office toting a black leather briefcase.


Guards toting machine guns stood inside the airport.

▪ lug to carry something heavy, with difficulty:

They lugged the mail in heavy canvas bags into the building.

▪ cart to carry something large and heavy somewhere, especially when this is annoying or hard work:

We carted all the furniture upstairs.

▪ schlep American English informal to carry something heavy:

Marty schlepped the suitcases upstairs.

▪ bear formal to carry something – used when talking about what someone has with them when they go somewhere. Bear is commonly used as a participle bearing :

They arrived bearing gifts.


Anna returned, bearing a large red packet.

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