Meaning of -CIDE in English


I. -cide /saɪd/ BrE AmE suffix [in nouns]

another form of the suffix ↑ -icide :

genocide (=killing a whole race of people)

—-cidal [in adjectives]

—-cidally [in adverbs]

II. -icide /ɪsaɪd/ AmE suffix ( also -cide ) [in nouns]

[ Origin: -cide ]

someone or something that kills a particular person or thing, or the act of killing:

insecticide (=chemical substance for killing insects)

suicide (=the act of killing yourself)

—-icidal /ɪsaɪdl/ suffix [in adjectives]

—-icidally /ɪsaɪdl-i/ suffix [in adverbs]

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