Meaning of CONTAINER in English


con ‧ tain ‧ er /kənˈteɪnə $ -ər/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

1 . something such as a box or bowl that you use to keep things in:

ice cream in plastic containers

2 . a very large metal box in which goods are packed to make it easy to lift or move them onto a ship or vehicle:

a container ship

• • •


■ ADJECTIVES/NOUN + container

▪ a plastic/glass/metal etc container

A lot of food is sold in plastic containers.

▪ an airtight/watertight container (=not allowing air or water in)

Seeds are best stored in airtight containers.

▪ a sealed container (=closed, so that no air or water can get in)

Place the ingredients in a sealed container and shake well.

▪ an open container (=that has been opened or that does not have a lid)

Don't keep food in open containers in the fridge.

▪ a shallow container (=not deep)

Fill a shallow container with soil.

▪ a recyclable container (=that can be put through a special process and used again)

Try to buy food that is packed in recyclable containers.

▪ a water/food/milk etc container

▪ a storage container (=for storing things in)

There are a lot of old toys in storage containers in the attic.

■ verbs

▪ fill a container

Two big containers were filled with water.

▪ put something in a container

The food is then put in special containers.

▪ store something in a container

Carrots from the garden were stored in containers of sand in the cellar.

▪ a container holds something

How much liquid will this container hold?

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