Meaning of COVERING in English


cov ‧ er ‧ ing /ˈkʌv ə rɪŋ/ BrE AmE noun

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ cover , ↑ coverage , ↑ covering ; adjective : ↑ undercover , ↑ covered ≠ UNCOVERED ; verb : ↑ cover ≠ ↑ uncover ; adverb : ↑ undercover ]

1 . [singular] something that covers or hides something:

a light covering of snow

2 . coverings [plural] a layer of something such as paper, wood, or cloth used to cover walls, floors etc:

colourful wall coverings

• • •


▪ cover something that is put on or over something else to protect it, for example a piece of metal, plastic, or glass:

a manhole cover


the cover that goes over the barbecue

▪ covering a layer of something, or a sheet of something, that covers something else:

There was light covering of snow on the ground.


The hard shell acts as a protective covering.


the cloth coverings on the altar

▪ lid a cover for a container such as a pan or a box:

the lid of the box


a saucepan lid

▪ top/cap the thing that you put on top of a bottle, tube, or pen, in order to prevent the liquid or other things inside from coming out:

I can’t find the cap for the pen.


Put the top back on the milk!


the cap that goes on the toothpaste

▪ cork the top part that you put on top of a bottle of wine:

Can you take off the cork for me?

▪ wrapping ( also wrap especially American English ) a sheet of paper, plastic etc that is put around something in order to cover or protect it:

John tore the wrapping off his presents.


The lamp was still in its wrapping.

▪ wrapper a piece of paper or plastic that is put around something you buy, especially a small object:

Put the candy wrappers in your pocket.


He took the drinking straw out of its wrapper.

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