Meaning of E in English

I. E 1 BrE AmE , e /iː/ noun ( plural E’s or e’s )

1 . [uncountable and countable] the fifth letter of the English alphabet

2 . [uncountable and countable] the third note in the ↑ scale of C ↑ major or the musical ↑ key based on this note

3 . [countable] a mark given to a student’s work to show that it is of very low quality

4 . [uncountable and countable] ↑ ecstasy (=an illegal drug)

II. E 2 BrE AmE

1 . British English technical the written abbreviation of earth (=a connection between a piece of electrical equipment and the ground)

2 . the abbreviation of E number

3 . the written abbreviation of east or eastern

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