Meaning of EDGY in English

edg ‧ y /ˈedʒi/ BrE AmE adjective

1 . nervous and worried:

She’s been edgy lately, waiting for the test results.

2 . aware of the newest ideas and styles and therefore considered very fashionable:

The band has developed an edgy new image.

• • •


▪ nervous worried or a little frightened about something and unable to relax:

Kelly was so nervous about her exam that she couldn’t sleep.


It makes me nervous when you drive that fast.

▪ tense worried and unable to relax in a way that makes you get angry or upset easily:

Mary’s problems at work were making her tense and irritable.

▪ uneasy nervous because you feel that something bad might happen, so that you are unable to relax until the danger has passed:

I began to feel uneasy when he still hadn’t phoned by 11 o'clock.

▪ on edge if you are on edge or your nerves are on edge, you feel nervous because you are worried about what might happen:

My nerves were on edge, waiting for the results of the test.


Redundancies and other work upheavals have put employees on edge.

▪ neurotic nervous and anxious in a way that is not normal or reasonable:

She’s completely neurotic about food hygiene.


a neurotic mother

▪ edgy/jumpy/jittery nervous because you are worried about what might happen:

Investors are a little edgy about the financial markets these days.


There was a lot of pressure on the team tonight and that’s why they were a little jumpy.

▪ highly-strung British English , high-strung American English becoming nervous or upset easily because that is your character:

Like many musicians, he’s very sensitive and highly-strung.

▪ be a nervous wreck to feel extremely nervous and unable to relax:

After 10 months of teaching, I was a total nervous wreck.

▪ have butterflies (in your stomach) informal to feel nervous about something that you are going to do very soon because it is important and you want to do it well:

Actors often have butterflies before going on stage.

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