Meaning of EQUITABLE in English

eq ‧ uit ‧ a ‧ ble /ˈekwətəb ə l, ˈekwɪtəb ə l/ BrE AmE adjective formal

treating all people in a fair and equal way OPP inequitable :

an equitable distribution of food supplies

—equitably adverb :

The work should be shared more equitably.

• • •


▪ fair treating people equally or in the way that is right:

It’s not fair that she gets paid more than me.


Everyone has the right to a fair trial.

▪ just formal morally right and fair:

a just punishment


a just cause


a just society


Do you think it was a just war?

▪ reasonable fair and sensible according to most people’s standards:

a reasonable request


Lateness, without a reasonable excuse, will not be tolerated.

▪ balanced giving fair and equal treatment to all sides of an argument or subject:

Balanced reporting of the news is essential.

▪ even-handed giving fair and equal treatment to everyone, especially when it would be easy to favour one particular group:

The drama takes an even-handed look at the consequences of violent crime, both on attackers and their victims.


The film is even-handed and does not try to make you support either side.

▪ equitable /ˈekwətəb ə l, ˈekwɪtəb ə l/ formal giving equal treatment to everyone involved:

We need an equitable solution to this problem.


a more equitable distribution of wealth

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