Meaning of EXPERIMENTATION in English


ex ‧ pe ‧ ri ‧ men ‧ ta ‧ tion /ɪkˌsperəmenˈteɪʃ ə n, ɪkˌsperɪmenˈteɪʃ ə n/ BrE AmE noun [uncountable]

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ experiment , ↑ experimentation ; verb : ↑ experiment ; adverb : ↑ experimentally ; adjective : ↑ experimental ]

1 . the process of testing various ideas, methods etc to find out how good or effective they are

experimentation with/in

experimentation with computer-assisted language learning

2 . the process of performing scientific tests to find out if a particular idea is true or to obtain more information:

The issue of animal experimentation is an emotive subject.

3 . when you try doing something to find out what it feels like, for example having sex or using illegal drugs

experimentation with

experimentation with cannabis

There is often a period of sexual experimentation during adolescence.

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