Meaning of FEEDBACK in English

feed ‧ back S3 /ˈfiːdbæk/ BrE AmE noun [uncountable]

1 . advice, criticism etc about how successful or useful something is:

How can I provide feedback without making someone angry?

feedback on

Try to give each student some feedback on the task.

2 . a very unpleasant high noise, caused when a ↑ microphone is too close to an ↑ amplifier

• • •


▪ reaction someone’s feelings, and how they behave, because of something that has happened or been said:

I was stunned by the news, and my initial reaction was anger.


What was her reaction, when you told her that you were leaving?

▪ response what you say or do when someone says or does something to you:

The government’s immediate response was to reject the proposal.


The decision was made in response to requests from local residents.


We are still waiting to see if there is any response.

▪ reception a particular type of reaction to someone’s ideas, work etc – used especially in the following phrases:

The plan received warm reception from conference delegates (=they liked it) .


The film received a mixed reception and commercially it was not successful (=many people did not like it) .


The Association of Chief Police Officers gave the idea a cool reception (=they did not like it very much) .


Alford’s views met with a hostile reception (=people were very disapproving) .

▪ feedback advice, criticism, praise etc that you give to someone, telling them how well they are working:

Our English teacher gave us some feedback on our essays.


The feedback we have had from our customers has all been positive.


negative feedback

▪ backlash an angry or violent reaction by a group of people to the actions or decisions of others:

There has been a growing backlash against the government from angry voters.


fears of a right-wing backlash

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