Meaning of -FY in English


I. -fy /faɪ/ BrE AmE suffix [in verbs]

another form of the suffix ↑ -ify

II. -ify /əfaɪ, ɪfaɪ/ BrE AmE suffix [in verbs] ( also -fy )

[ Language: Old French ; Origin: -ifier , from Latin -ificare , from -ficare ; ↑ -fy ]

1 . to make something be in a particular state or condition:

to purify (=make or become pure)

to clarify the situation (=make it clear)

2 . to fill someone with a particular feeling:

Spiders terrify me (=make me very afraid) .

3 . informal to do something in a silly or annoying way:

to speechify (=make speeches, using important sounding words)

4 . to make something or someone be like or typical of a person or group:

Frenchified (=like the French)

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