Meaning of INHIBITION in English


in ‧ hi ‧ bi ‧ tion AC /ˌɪnhəˈbɪʃ ə n, ˌɪnhɪˈbɪʃ ə n/ BrE AmE noun

[ Word Family: verb : ↑ inhibit ; noun : ↑ inhibition ; adjective : ↑ inhibited ]

1 . [uncountable and countable] a feeling of shyness or embarrassment that stops you doing or saying what you really want:

She had no inhibitions about saying what she felt.

People tend to lose their inhibitions when they’ve drunk a lot of alcohol.

2 . [uncountable] technical when something is restricted or prevented from happening or developing:

a marked inhibition of cell growth

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