Meaning of MASON in English


I. Free ‧ ma ‧ son /ˈfriːˌmeɪs ə n, ˌfriːˈmeɪs ə n/ BrE AmE ( also Mason ) noun [countable]

a man who belongs to a secret society in which each member helps the other members to become successful

II. Mason BrE AmE noun [countable]

a ↑ Freemason

III. Mason, Jac ‧ kie /ˈdʒæki/ BrE AmE

(1934–) a US comedian known for telling jokes that might offend many people. Mason, whose real name is Jacob Maza, was a ↑ rabbi before becoming an entertainer in the 1960s.

IV. Mason, Perry BrE AmE

the main character in the books of Erle Stanley ↑ Gardner and in the US television programme Perry Mason (1957–66) about a defence lawyer who always finds out who the criminals are in the legal cases he has to defend

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