Meaning of NEEDLESS in English

need ‧ less /ˈniːdləs/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ need , needs, the needy; adjective : ↑ needless , ↑ needy ; verb : ↑ need ; adverb : ↑ needlessly ]

1 . needless to say used when you are telling someone something that they probably know or expect:

Needless to say, any contributions of money will be gratefully received.

2 . needless troubles, suffering, loss etc are unnecessary because they could easily have been avoided SYN unnecessary :

The report caused needless anxiety to women who have attended the clinic.

We need to bring to an end these needless deaths.

Charles hates needless waste.

—needlessly adverb :

People are dying needlessly every year of heart attacks.

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