Meaning of NEIGHBORING in English


neigh ‧ bour ‧ ing BrE AmE British English , neighboring American English /ˈneɪb ə rɪŋ/ adjective [only before noun]

near the place where you are or the place you are talking about SYN nearby ⇨ bordering :

The fair attracted hundreds of people from the neighbouring towns and villages.

• • •


▪ near only a short distance from something or someone:

I live near Salzburg in Austria.


If we moved to Dallas, we’d be near my parents.

▪ close very near something or someone, or almost touching them:

The hotel is close to the beach.


Nancy came and sat close beside me on the bed.

▪ not far (away) not a long distance away – used when saying that a place is near enough to be easy to get to:

The station’s not far away from here.

▪ nearby near here or near a particular place:

Is there a post office nearby?


A group of reporters were waiting nearby.

▪ within walking distance (of something) easy to walk to from somewhere, or near enough to something for you to walk there:

There’s a good school within walking distance.


The house is within walking distance of shopping facilities.

▪ be convenient for something British English , be convenient to something American English to be near a place that people want to get to, so that the place is easy to reach:

The area is very convenient for Gatwick airport.


I want a hotel that’s convenient for the city centre.

▪ locally in or near the area where you are or the area you are talking about:

I prefer to buy fruit and vegetables that are grown locally.

▪ around here ( also round here British English ) spoken in the general area near here:

Parking is impossible around here.


Is there a garage round here?

▪ in the neighbourhood British English , in the neighborhood American English living or existing in the area where you are or the area you are talking about:

We grew up knowing all the other kids in the neighbourhood.


There’s very little crime in the neighborhood.

▪ in the vicinity formal in the area around and near a particular place – used especially in news reports:

A white van was seen in the vicinity at the time the murder took place.

▪ neighbouring British English , neighboring American English used about towns, countries etc that are very near a particular place:

discussions between Egypt and neighbouring states


The rioting quickly spread to neighbouring areas.

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