Meaning of NIL in English

nil S3 /nɪl/ BrE AmE noun [uncountable]

[ Date: 1800-1900 ; Language: Latin ; Origin: nihil 'nothing' ]

1 . nothing SYN zero :

The new machine reduced labour costs to almost nil.

2 . British English the number zero, used in sports results:

Our team won by two goals to nil.

• • •


▪ zero the number 0. Also used when saying there is nothing at all:

A million is written as one followed by six zeros.


a temperature of zero degrees


Our chances of success are virtually zero.

▪ nil British English zero - used especially in the results of sports games:

United won the game three-nil.


In rural areas, employment opportunities are almost nil.

▪ nought British English spoken zero – used in calculations and figures:

It has increased by nought point seven five per cent (=0.75%) .

▪ O used to say the number 0 like the letter O:

The code for Oxford is 0 one eight six five (=01865) .

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