Meaning of PIERCING in English


I. pierc ‧ ing 1 /ˈpɪəsɪŋ $ ˈpɪr-/ BrE AmE adjective

1 . EYES/LOOK literary someone with piercing eyes is looking at you and seems to know what you are thinking:

There was mockery now in those piercing blue eyes.

She felt foolish and unsure under his piercing gaze.

He gave her a piercing look.

2 . SOUND a sound that is piercing is high, sharp, and unpleasant:

He grinned and let out a piercing whistle.

a piercing scream

3 . WIND a piercing wind is very cold

4 . PAIN causing a lot of pain:

She felt a piercing sensation in her arm.

5 . EMOTION [only before noun] affecting your feelings very deeply in a sad way:

a piercing moment of regret

—piercingly adverb :

It was piercingly cold.

She looked at him piercingly.

II. piercing 2 BrE AmE noun [uncountable and countable]

a hole made through part of your body so that you can put jewellery there, or the process of making these holes

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