Meaning of REFILL in English


I. re ‧ fill 1 /ˌriːˈfɪl/ BrE AmE verb [transitive]

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ fill , ↑ refill , ↑ filling , ↑ filler ; verb : ↑ fill , ↑ refill ; adjective : ↑ filling ]

to fill something again:

The waitress refilled our coffee cups.

—refillable adjective :

a refillable lighter

• • •


▪ fill to put enough of something into a container to make it full:

Jenny filled the kettle and put it on to boil.


Party balloons can be filled with helium.

▪ fill up to fill something completely – used especially about putting petrol in the tank of a car:

I need to fill up the car.


The waiter filled up everyone’s glasses.


If the oil tank is less than half full, tell them to fill it up.

▪ load/load up to fill a vehicle with goods, furniture etc:

Two men were loading a truck with boxes of melons.

▪ stuff/cram to quickly fill something such as a bag or pocket by pushing things into it tightly:

She hurriedly stuffed some things into an overnight bag and left.

▪ refill to fill a container again, after what was in it has been used:

I’m just going to refill this bottle from the tap.

▪ top up British English , top off American English to fill a glass or cup that still has some liquid in it:

Can I top up your glass of wine?

▪ replenish formal to make something full again, especially with a supply of something such as water or food:

The lake is fed by springs that are eternally replenished by the rain.

II. re ‧ fill 2 /ˈriːfɪl/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ fill , ↑ refill , ↑ filling , ↑ filler ; verb : ↑ fill , ↑ refill ; adjective : ↑ filling ]

1 . a container filled with a particular substance, such as ink or petrol, that you use to fill or replace an empty container, or the substance itself:

a refill for his pen

2 . another drink of the same kind:

Would you like a refill?

a free refill

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