Meaning of SOFTWARE in English

soft ‧ ware S3 W2 /ˈsɒftweə $ ˈsɒːftwer/ BrE AmE noun [uncountable]

the sets of programs that tell a computer how to do a particular job ⇨ hardware :

She loaded the new software.

design/anti-virus/database etc software

word-processing software

a software company

• • •


■ verbs

▪ use software

Several companies have already begun using the software.

▪ run software

To run the software, you will need the latest version of Windows.

▪ load/install software

Don't let your kids load pirated games software onto your machine.

▪ download software

Users can download the software without charge.

▪ write/design/develop software

He designs software for an Atlanta-based company.

■ ADJECTIVES/NOUN + software

▪ computer software

He is the owner of a computer software company.

▪ anti-virus software

Make sure you have good anti-virus software installed.

▪ business software

He has been training people in the use of business software since 1983.

■ software + NOUN

▪ a software developer/engineer/designer

her job as a software developer

▪ a software package (=a set of programs)

Select a software package which suits your requirements.

■ phrases

▪ a piece of software

This excellent piece of software is compatible with both PCs and Macs.

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