Meaning of UNLOAD in English


un ‧ load /ʌnˈləʊd $ -ˈloʊd/ BrE AmE verb


a) [transitive] to remove a load from a vehicle, ship etc

unload something from something

The driver unloaded some boxes from the back of the truck.

b) [intransitive] if a ship unloads, the goods that it carries are removed from it

2 . GET RID OF SOMETHING [transitive] informal

a) to get rid of something illegal or not very good by selling it quickly:

Investors continued to unload technology stocks on Thursday.

unload something on/onto something

Hundreds of cheap videos were unloaded on the British market.

b) to get rid of work or responsibility by giving it to someone else

unload something on/onto somebody

Don’t let him unload his problems onto you.

3 . FEELINGS [intransitive and transitive] American English to express strong feelings, especially anger, to someone when you are extremely upset:

Koch unloaded his concerns over dinner one night.

unload (something) on somebody

When he got back to the office, Green unloaded on his staff.

4 . CAMERA [transitive] to remove the film from a camera

5 . GUN [intransitive and transitive] to remove the bullets from a gun

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