Meaning of UNWRAP in English


un ‧ wrap /ʌnˈræp/ BrE AmE verb ( past tense and past participle unwrapped , present participle unwrapping ) [transitive]

to remove the paper, plastic etc that is around something OPP wrap up :

Brigitte was unwrapping her birthday presents.

• • •


▪ open used about a door, window, container, package, letter, your eyes, or your mouth:

I opened the door quietly.


She was nervous about opening the letter.


Open your mouth wide.

▪ unlock to open a door, drawer, box etc with a key:

You need a key to unlock the safe.

▪ unscrew to open a lid on a bottle, container etc by turning it:

I carefully unscrewed the lid of the jar.

▪ force open to open a drawer, window, cupboard etc using force:

The door was locked so we had to force it open.

▪ unwrap to open a package by removing the paper that covers it:

The children were busy unwrapping their Christmas presents.

▪ unfasten/undo to make something no longer fastened or tied, for example a seat belt or a piece of clothing:

He unfastened the top button of his shirt.


I was so full I had to undo my belt.

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