Meaning of HIGH in English


n. extremely high frequency

fly high

hell or high water

high on

high altar

high analysis

high and dry

high and low

high and mighty

high beam

high blood pressure

high chair

High Church

High Churchman

high class

high comedy

high command

high commissioner

high concept

high count

high court

high definition

high density lipoprotein

high end

high energy

high energy physics

high explosive

high fashion

high fidelity

high five

high flown

high flying

high frequency

high gear

High German

high grade

high grading

high ground

high handed

high handedness

high handedly

high hat

high heels

High Holiday

high horse

high jinks

high jump

high jumper

high level

high low jack

high mass

high minded

high mindedness

high mindedly

high muck a muck

high muckety muck

high noon

high octane

high pitched

high place

high polymer

high powered

high power

high pressure

high priest

high priesthood

high priestess

high relief

high rise

high road

high roller

high rolling

high school

high schooler

high sea

high sign

high sounding

high speed

high spirited

high spiritedness

high spiritedly

high sticking

high street

high strung

high style

high table

high tea

high tech

high technology

high tension

high test

high ticket

high tide

high toned

high top

high tops

high treason

high voltage

high water

high water mark

high wire

high wrought

high yellow

high yaller

hit the high points

hit the high spots

junior high school

junior high

knee high

Middle High German

Old High German

ride high

runner's high

senior high school

sky high

very high frequency

High Atlas

High Plains

High Point

High Sierra

High Wycombe

higher criticism

higher critic

higher education

higher law

higher learning

higher up

Merriam Webster Collegiate English Dictionary.      Merriam Webster - Энциклопедический словарь английского языка.