Meaning of LOCUS in English


Pronunciation: ' l ō -k ə s

Function: noun

Inflected Form: plural lo · ci \ ' l ō - ˌ s ī , - ˌ k ī , - ˌ k ē \

Etymology: Latin ― more at STALL

Date: 1715

1 a : the place where something is situated or occurs : SITE , LOCATION <was the culture of medicine in the beginning dispersed from a single focus or did it arise in several loci ? ― S. C. Harvey> b : a center of activity, attention, or concentration <in democracy the locus of power is in the people ― H. G. Rickover>

2 : the set of all points whose location is determined by stated conditions

3 : the position in a chromosome of a particular gene or allele

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