Meaning of ZOMBIE in English


Variant: also zom · bi

Pronunciation: ' zäm-b ē

Function: noun

Etymology: Louisiana Creole or Haitian Creole zonbi, of Bantu origin; akin to Kimbundu nzúmbe ghost

Date: circa 1871

1 usually zombi a : the supernatural power that according to voodoo belief may enter into and reanimate a dead body b : a will-less and speechless human in the West Indies capable only of automatic movement who is held to have died and been supernaturally reanimated

2 a : a person held to resemble the so-called walking dead especially : AUTOMATON b : a person markedly strange in appearance or behavior

3 : a mixed drink made of several kinds of rum, liqueur, and fruit juice

– zom · bie · like \ -b ē - ˌ l ī k \ adjective

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