Meaning of -AN in English


[-an] or -ian also -ean n suffix [-an & -ian fr. ME -an, -ian, fr. OF & L; OF -ien, fr. L -ianus, fr. -i- + -anus, fr. -anus, adj. suffix; -ean fr. such words as Mediterranean, European] 1: one that is of or relating to "American" "Bostonian"

2: one skilled in or specializing in "phonetician"

[2]-an or -ian also -ean adj suffix 1: of or belonging to "American" "Floridian"

2: characteristic of: resembling "Mozartean" [3]-an n suffix [ISV -an, -ane, alter. of -ene, -ine, & -one] 1: unsaturated organic compound "furan"

2: anhydride of a carbohydrate "dextran"

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