Meaning of BROIL in English


[broil] vb [ME, fr. MF bruler to burn, modif. of L ustulare to singe, fr. urere to burn] vt (14c): to cook by direct exposure to radiant heat: grill ~ vi: to be subjected to great or oppressive heat "~ing in the sun"

[2]broil n (1583): the act or state of broiling [3]broil vb [ME, fr. MF brouiller to mix, broil, fr. OF brooilier, fr. breu broth, of Gmc origin; akin to OHG brod broth--more at broth] vi (15c): brawl ~ vt: embroil [4]broil n (1525): a noisy disturbance: tumult; esp: brawl "a tavern row ... widens into a general ~ --J. R. Green"

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